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Friday, April 27, 2007

Amid Has Died

RSC sent out the following letter to the Press after learning of Amid's death. We posted messages about Amid on blog entries dated March 1 and 11. Please do a search on this blog if you would like to read those entries:

I refer to the story entitled Zoo Awaiting Post-Mortem Results (The Star, April 22nd, 2007).

It was shocking to read about Amid's post-mortem when the public was not even informed of Amid's death on April 10.

Sadly the public learned of his death two weeks late through a four paragraph report in the Press.

After all the “good publicity” Amid gave Malacca Zoo, Sime Darby that sponsored his maintenance at the zoo and the Department of Wildlife (Perhilitan) for their so-called rescue, there should have been a decent follow-up story on the events leading to Amid’s death.

Above all, there should be some information on what Perhilitan is doing to take action against the theme park that starved and abused Amid.

In an earlier letter to the Press (that was never published), The Remembering Sheena Campaign (RSC) thanked Sime Darby for their generous donation to the Malacca Zoo on Amid’s behalf, but urged them to please send an official letter to Perhilitan enquiring what actions, if any, it intends to take against the theme park that caused so much suffering to this baby elephant.

RSC voiced its concern that this theme park has many other animals which it forces to perform to entertain visitors. Surely, Sime Darby must care about their welfare.

When interviewed by the Star, Sime Darby could have appealed to the public not to patronise theme parks that abuse and neglect animals. It has a corporate, social responsibility to do so.

The company could have also urged the authorities to halt the rape of Malaysian forests for short-term profits, because this has directly resulted in wild animals fleeing to urban areas, and ultimately living out their lives in circuses, theme parks, laboratories and zoos.

Sime Darby missed an excellent opportunity to save tens and maybe hundreds of other animals that are forced to perform at theme parks similar to the one that kept Amid starving and neglected.

Such a letter and thoughtful statements to the Press as suggested above, could have improved the lives of all the other animals that Sime Darby's generous donation could not reach.

Alas, now even that generous donation is no good because Amid is dead.

The only thing that came out of Sime Darby’s generosity is good publicity for the company, the zoo and Perhilitan.

Rest in peace baby Amid. No one can hurt or use you anymore.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Simpsons Cartoon Founder Is A Great Blessing To Animals

I'm sure most of you have watched the cartoon show, The Simpsons. Its creator, Sam Simon, continues to earn USD10 million a year from the show that he hasn't even worked on since 1993. He gets this income from licensing fees and residuals to the show.

This good fortune could not have happened to a better guy because Sam Simon is using his money to rescue stray and abused dogs. He trains them to look after people with disabilities and takes them to visit lonely senior citizens to lift their spirits.

He even has vets travelling around Los Angeles in spay and neuter-mobiles, so people in low-income neighborhoods can get their pets spayed for free. ( I wish Sam could come over to Malaysia and teach the Malaysian government a thing or two about morality and ethics)

Sam Simon runs the grandest dog shelter in the country, a five star, six acre spread in Malibu, perhaps the most desirable real estate on the planet. And he doesn't collect a single cent in donation. He pays for all the expenses himself.
Here, among the waterfalls and the manicured grounds, the Sam Simon Foundation gives stray and abused dogs a new lease on life. Click here to read the CBS story on Sam and listen to his interview on 60 minutes.

Friday, April 13, 2007

RSC Received This Lovely Letter From Ainul

RSC was touched by the efforts of Ainul to help animals. As a Malay, Ainul speaks up for dogs too as well as other animals. We thank Ainul for doing more than just "feeling sorry" for animals and taking the time and trouble to write letters on their behalf.

Letters are powerful because it states in black and white the wrongdoing of a person and convicts the guilty party and has the power to change the hearts of all those who read it. It's easy to dismiss verbal truths uttered but when they are "set in stone" it has the power to cut through to the heart especially if the reader knows it is the truth - and if he still won't do the right thing, then he can answer to God when it's time to face Him.

Ainul's Letter:

"Hi! You have no idea how glad I am to have come across you blog. My name is Ainul and I too share the same sentiment about animals.

With regards to shooting of stray dogs, I just wish to share that previously I personally wrote to Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) to express my disappointment over their policy when dealing with this matter. It is unacceptable. Dogs are special animals. They have souls. Each of them has a different personality.

And as for the reply from the MPK , of course, they denied the allegation or the report made by the Malay Mail.

For you info as well, I am very active in writing my opinion to the local media. I usually use "kucing besar" or "Kuala Kangsar" as my id.

My comments and criticisms over the inhumane manner of animal treatments are often published. I hope in a way it will help to create awareness in our society and more importantly help our animal friends.

Recently, "housing developer tycoon" Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal from MK Land expressed his wish to concentrate his attention on the preservation of Orang Utan and to release them back to their habitat. Including the Orang Utan which he currently looks after in Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. It's a good move, at least.

As for Sheena, whenever I see her picture I will cry. Thinking of the pain and agony that she went through. I'll try my best to write more not only to the local media but Perhilitan and local councils as well. Regards,AINUL

Please Help Jennifer Find Pirate

Hi everyone,This little one eyed dog is name Pirate. He came to us last year andhas been the best thing that could have entered our lives. He gives us so much joy, love and happiness and he has become so very preciousto us.

He is also a very curious dog and on Monday, 2/4/07, he wandered outthe gate of our home in damansara heights and it was not more than 10mins that we discovered he was missing.
We sent a search party out for him and till today we have not found him.
I have put up posters, sent out flyers and have placed newsapaper ads hoping for his return.
U know how small this world can be and KL is not a really big place, so i am seeking your help to please pass this around in hope that the person who has taken him in their care would return him to us. It's been just two days but we miss him so very much. Thank you for your help.Jennifer Monteiro Tel: 012-2880503

Friday, April 06, 2007

Johor Housing and Local Government Committee Declares Killing 10,000 stray dogs last year

Thank you Khailee from e-zine for writing to RSC, expressing his disgust at a newspaper report where the Johor Housing and Local Government Committee claims to have shot 10,000 stray dogs and is looking for dog shooters.

To kill so many innocent lives only serves to bring a curse to their own land. Why don't they bless their land by building love, compassion and respect for all life, instead?

Dogs are innocent lives created by God. What right do human beings have to say they don't deserve to live?

Read story here:

RSC sent off a letter concerning this to Malaysiakini. The letter had been heavily edited and Malaysiakini gave a wrong heading. "Phase out" means slowly eradicting. RSC's letter does not call for dog shooters to be phased out but to be "eradicated" with immediate effect.

But at least they printed it. Thank you Malaysiakini! Read my letter here:

Our Talk At Borders Bookstore

Okay, as you know RSC announced a talk at Borders on animal welfare. The talk was over a few weeks ago and went very well. Angeline Chin author of Silent Cries, Sabrina Yeap founder of Furry Friends Farm, Nick Josh Karean of Humane Society and myself spoke on animal welfare.

There was not many ppl seated in the audience listening at the Borders at Berjaya Times Square, but there was a fairly decent crowd at the Curve. The most important thing is that everything we said was conveyed through a speakers all throughout the store. So those who were not seated could also hear us speak up for animals.
Davina Goh, a supporter of RSC and one who helped Raihana Ali get justice for her cat, also turned up to give us moral support. Photo caption: (left to right) Sabrina Yeap, Angeline Chin and Davina Goh at Borders Bookstore, the Curve.

Angeline sold quite a few books and Sabrina sold all FFF shampoos. Angeline put up photos of abused animals and told the story of each one of them which broke my heart.

Remember! Cruelty does not consist of only an action - inaction is also cruelty. Neglecting your pet, confining them on a leash or in a cage, not giving them good food or clean water also constitutes cruelty.

Furry Friends Farm Update

Due to the overwhelming requests to leave animals at Furry Friends Farm (FFF), RSC would now like to make a clear statement on FFF's policy for accepting animals.

1. Don't dump your pets there please! PETS ARE FOR LIFE. That is the message that RSC and FFF seeks to disseminate and instil into Malaysian culture. FFF is for abused pets that have been rescued and strays.

2. FFF does not put animals down. So if you would like to help a stray you picked off the street, you can send it to FFF. BUT you need to bear the medical costs for the animal such as spaying and any other medical problems it may have. THIS IS ONLY A ONE-OFF COST. After that it costs only RM1 a day or RM30 a month for the food plus RM10 to the shelter for maintenance.

All that time the animal you rescued will be in a happy and safe environment with acres of land to roam free.

Best of all is that FFF regularly has adoption programmes for the animals to get them rehomed.

FFF wanted RSC to post this policy on our blog because of the many calls they were getting from ppl wanting to dump animals at FFF or even ask them to pick up strays. FFF would not mind doing that if the government gave them funding.

The laws of Malaysia does provide for governmental bodies to act, but the local councils are so barbaric and cruel in rounding up and putting down strays and the DVS rarely ever responds to public complaints of animal abuse
We wonder if the funding cannot be put to better use by giving it to NGOs that are doing a better job.
Keep watching this space for more info to be posted on FFF.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IAMs and Science Diet Recalled After Food Poisoning Causes Death of Pets

Many pets have died in the US after consuming contaminated pet food mainly from the IAMs and Science Diet brand.

For several years now PETA has been calling on the public to STOP BUYING IAMS PET FOOD because IAMs conducts cruel animal testing to produce their brand of pet food. Here is an extract taken from PETA's website:

"For nearly 10 months in 2002 and early 2003, a PETA investigator went undercover at an Iams contract testing laboratory, where a dark, sordid secret was discovered beneath the dog- and cat-food manufacturer’s wholesome image. Our investigator found dogs who had gone crazy from intense confinement in barren steel cages and cement cells, dogs who had been left on a filthy paint-chipped floor after chunks of muscle had been hacked from their thighs, dogs who had been surgically debarked, and horribly sick dogs and cats who were languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer without veterinary care. "

Click here to learn more about IAMs cruel practices. At this website you can also get a list of companies that produce cruelty-free pet food:

After so many years of begging the public to stop buying IAMs pet guardians who have lost or damaged the health of their pets now are wishing they had taken heed.

If only people stick together and boycott companies that abuse animals we can put a stop to this abuse. When they don't listen, I guess it has to hit their own pets and close to home for the message to get across. So much for all IAMs animal testing. Just goes to show all this needless animal testing is useless in ensuring a good product. This testing is unnecessary and worthless.

Now IAMs and the other unscrupulous pet food companies have lost millions (God must have said "enough is enough") and they are fighting hard to keep "some" products on the market claiming their dry food is fine. In the light of the US FDA agreeing with IAMs that they may keep continue to sell their dry food, PETA is calling on the resignation of FDA Commissioner (in some fortunate countries public figures are actually held accountable).