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Friday, April 13, 2007

Please Help Jennifer Find Pirate

Hi everyone,This little one eyed dog is name Pirate. He came to us last year andhas been the best thing that could have entered our lives. He gives us so much joy, love and happiness and he has become so very preciousto us.

He is also a very curious dog and on Monday, 2/4/07, he wandered outthe gate of our home in damansara heights and it was not more than 10mins that we discovered he was missing.
We sent a search party out for him and till today we have not found him.
I have put up posters, sent out flyers and have placed newsapaper ads hoping for his return.
U know how small this world can be and KL is not a really big place, so i am seeking your help to please pass this around in hope that the person who has taken him in their care would return him to us. It's been just two days but we miss him so very much. Thank you for your help.Jennifer Monteiro Tel: 012-2880503


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