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Saturday, April 26, 2008

DBKL is Alleged To Be Poisoning Strays

The STAR newspaper
Saturday April 26, 2008



A NURSING home manager in Old Klang Road has alleged that certain quarters are on a dog-poisoning spree in the city.

Prakash Singam claimed that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) dog-catching unit might be behind this.

According to the 33-year-old, he first spotted food being thrown out to dogs from a DBKL van cruising around his neighbourhood early this year.
“There were three men in the van, including the driver, and they were throwing food from the vehicle’s side door,” said Prakash.

Photo caption : Leia recuperating at the veterinary clinic after her ordeal.

He said the stray dogs in the area immediately rushed towards the food and began eating them.

Realising that something was amiss, Prakash said he rushed towards the dogs and shooed them away from the food but some of the dogs had already started eating the food by then.

“A dog, which ate the most began foaming at the mouth and became disoriented,’’ said Prakash, adding that he didn’t see the dog again after that.
He said he also found a dead dog in a monsoon drain near his home a day after the incident.

But his real nightmare took place last week when his two dogs, Leia and Dopey, were taken ill.

“In the evenings we usually let them out for a while. One evening they returned home foaming at the mouths,” he said.

He said both his dogs were licensed and never ventured far when let out and usually just hung around the front gate.

“Dopey was not so serious and we managed to nurse him back to health but Leia had to be treated at a veterinary clinic for about a week,’’ said Prakash.
He added there were burn marks inside her throat and the veterinarian who treated
Leia said the dog had suffered a bad case of pesticide poisoning.

Apparently after consuming the food, the dogs started foaming at the mouth and later died.

When contacted Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said it was hard to believe that DBKL was behind the poisoning spree.

“I strongly believe the DBKL’s dog- catching unit will not resort to such an inhumane and cruel method of countering the problem of stray dogs,’’ said Saravanan.

However, he added that he would look into the matter as soon as possible.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Protect Wildlife Or Face Tourists 'Extinction'

How sad that even though Natural Resources and Environment Minister has been given the boot, the damage done under his leadership to the country's wildlife and nature is extreme.

Apr 21, 08 1:44pm MALAYSIA KINI

About 21 million tourists visited Malaysia last year, bringing with them RM45 billion, but unless we protect our wildlife, the country will soon see the number of tourists dwindling.

When faced with a choice between countries like India and Sri Lanka where wildlife is still abundant and Malaysia where its wildlife has been on the receiving end of “an intense and prolonged onslaught”, tourists would choose the former.

“As a result, it is increasingly difficult to see wildlife in Malaysian forests, and this is undoubtedly beginning to affect the tourist industry,” said Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Gary Phong, who is the organisation’s Selangor branch chairperson.

“Many foreign tourists express disappointment when questioned about their experience in Malaysia's forests and compare the country unfavourably with places like India and Sri Lanka, where wildlife is still plentiful despite dense human populations,” he said in a statement.

Due to the onslaught on wildlife to feed the trade in exotic pets, the supply of medicinal products and local restaurants providing exotic meat, Malaysia’s protected areas are now almost devoid of wildlife, said MNS.

Among the disappearing wildlife in Sarawak are the rhinoceros hornbill, seven out of eight other hornbill species, Bornean gibbons, two species of leaf monkey, two species of flying squirrel, sunbears, a civet, a cat, an otter, and at least five species of hawk.

Meanwhile, in Peninsular Malaysia, both the Sumatran rhinoceros and the tiger are facing extinction.

Failure to enforce laws

The wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic says that the illegal wildlife trade is getting larger and more organised and is pushing many of Southeast Asia's species closer to the brink of extinction, said Phong.

“At the heart of the problem is a failure to enforce wildlife protection laws. The laws are for the most part perfectly adequate, but enforcement agencies are under-staffed and under-resourced,” he lamented.

The society also said that the work of enforcement agencies such as the Department of Wildlife is often undermined by senior government officials and politicians.

“For example, when a local plantation owner, who also happened to be a property tycoon, blatantly encroached into Lambir Hills National Park, the Sarawak Forestry Corporation was asked to drop the ensuing case by a senior politician.

“When the Department of Wildlife has succeeded in bringing cases against restaurants for serving bush meat, the fines handed down by the judges were paltry, ranging from RM1,800 to RM5,000 despite maximum sentences of RM15,000 and five years in prison.

“Similarly, in 2005 poachers who killed a tiger in Kelantan were fined just RM7,000. Sentences like these clearly serve more as a deterrent to the enforcement agencies than the criminals,” said MNS.

The examples reflect a “malaise” among senior politicians, civil servants, and the legal profession that crimes against wildlife are “minor”, said MSN.

Whether the poachers are international syndicates trading in wildlife, a property tycoon with a pet sunbear, a restaurateur serving endangered meat, or even just a villager shooting a protected species, they are all criminals and should be treated as such, the society added.

“They are stealing our natural heritage and threatening the long-term survival of much of Malaysia's biodiversity.

“Failure to enhance enforcement will not only result in further declining wildlife populations and extinctions across much of the country, but will also erode Malaysia's international reputation and start to impact tourist revenues.”

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Artist Starves Dog In The Name Of Art

In the 2007, the 'artist' Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, he tied him to a rope in an art gallery, starving him to death.

For several days, the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless the shameful 'masterpiece' based on the dog's agony, until eventually he died.

Does it look like art to you?

But this is not all ... the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the 'installation' was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008.

Let's STOP HIM!!!!!

Click on the following link :

Friday, April 18, 2008

Malay Woman Bludgeons "Haram" Puppy To Death

My friend told me about three days ago that her tenant a Malay lady called her to complain that a puppy had wandered into her house. She was screaming and saying she didn't know what to do and asked my friend to come over. My friend thought it was so silly to be terrified of a puppy and didn't go immediately.

By the time she did visit the tenant, she saw that this woman had lured the puppy into a garbage bag and then beat the puppy to a pulp.

"There was blood everywhere when I arrived," said my friend “and all this Malay lady could think of was where to get the right kind of sand to "cleanse" herself according to Islam. Shocking! “

You mean to say that beating a puppy to death will get you heaven but not getting the right kind of sand to “clean” yourself will keep you out?

By the way, this murderer and animal abuser is also living together out of wedlock and my neighbour asked if this khalwat she is engaged in is all right in her God’s eyes but an innocent little puppy is haram and deserved to be bludgeoned to death? The Malay woman mumbled some stupid logic that justified her actions.

I was determined this cruelty should not go unpublished and therefore have put it up here on this blog. Now wouldn't it be nice if I could post her face here with a sign "Want To See What Evil Looks Like?"

Monday, April 07, 2008

Read This Story On Plight of Disabled and Animals In Malaysia

Read my story on the plight of the disabled and animals in Malaysia at

Incidentally, Peter Tan, whom I interviewed told me that after lobbying hard for a particular ramp in a large building with public access, he managed to get the BN govt to look into it and rectify the "damage". Unfortunately, though, the ramp was rebuilt wrong AGAIN. He told me (before the 12th General Elections), "Someone once told me it pays to do things wrong in Malaysia cos then you get paid again to keep doing it."


Please Don't Buy Animals From Pet Shops. You Will Be Encouraging Puppy Mills

Hundreds of dogs suffer in puppy mills which are unscrupulous breeders only looking to make a profit. In Malaysia it is worse because the BN (Federal) Govt has no guidelines whatsoever for controlling breeders or pet shops. RSC proposed in a Memorandum to the Ministry of Housing and Local Govt to please introduce guidelines and stop pet shops from selling animals. As usual with the BN govt till today nothing has been done.

At puppy mills, dogs are prisoners of greed. They are locked in small cages which are oftentimes dirty and often with barely any food or clean water. They are treated like 'baby machines' that have no feelings like hunger, thirst, discomfort, etc.

Many of the studs and female dogs are diseased with no medical attention given. They never get out of the metal cage which will be their prison for the rest of their lives. They are bred over and over until they die.

The only way to free them from the misery of these horrid puppymills is to eliminate the demand for puppies by refusing to buy a puppy in a pet shop, night market, etc. Then you will kill their business and they have no choice but to STOP.

Instead please adopt from animal shelters and animal rescuers who tirelessly work for the welfare of animals. There are some dogs and puppies urgently looking for homes right now. They have been rescued by kind Malaysians. Please call these kind people if you can give a home to these dogs.

There isn't space to put all of the dogs photos here. Contact the respective persons to enquire about other dogs they have rescued:

For the two dogs above, call Vimala : 012 389 5154

For dogs below contact Julie : 019-388 5119 (sms only please or call after 6pm).

Please Join the Animal Welfare Lobby Group of the People's Parliament

I thank God that the winds of change have swept in new govt for five States in Malaysia. If the Electoral Commission had been reformed, postal votes eliminated, indelible ink used, and electoral role cleaned up to remove "dead" people and phantom voters stopped from voting, I have no doubt that Pakatan Rakyat would be ruling all of Malaysia now with Anwar Ibrahim as our Prime Minister.

Just today on MalaysiaKini you will read a story on an "unofficial cabinet ban" on Hindu temple builders, musicians, priests with no proper explanation by Immigration except to say, "we want locals to take up the jobs". Hindu Sangam President explains that "it takes many years to train these highly skilled workers and yet the Federal Govt is quiet about 2 million unskilled labourers in the country."

Now, does Hindraf leaders cry about ethnic cleansing seem far-fetched? No.

A group called Kelana Jaya People's Parliament (KJPP) chaired by Wong Piang Yow has formed a lobby group with various streams of interest to put foward the Rakyat's concerns to our elected ADUNs and MPs. The streams of interest are Education, Women and Children, Alternative Media, Animal Welfare issues and others.

Animal lovers who are interested in joining the Animal Welfare stream please write to He will also put you on KJPP's Yahoo Group if you are interested.