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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Merdeka For Malaysian Wildlife!

So much for 50 years of Independence. All that was right and good and true, values taught by our forefathers are lost in today's generation of lazy, greedy Malaysians.

Here is what one Malaysian had to say about the atrocities committed by this nation in the name of development.

A Monkey's Last Stand
Bukit Melawati, 22nd August 2007:

Despite his patriotic stand, he will soon be stripped of his citizenship and banished to another country. Perhaps, our monkeys were already doomed when people in authority likened bloggers to them.

The Cabinet has literally signed their death warrant by withdrawing protection for the so-called urban monkeys under the Wildlife Protection Act.

How can we stand tall as a nation, when we so casually shrugged-off our responsibility to protect the weak and defenseless? Continue reading the monkey's plight here in a four page photo essay

Carnival At Central Park - Dr. Dog Programme

Pet - N - You is having a Carnival at Central Park, Bandar Utama on September 9, 2007 from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.

The Furry Friends Farm has been given a booth from where it will hold an awareness campaign and recruit for the Dr. Dog Programme.

So those who would like to enrol their mixed breeds and mongrels for the Dr. Dog Programme, please drop by with your dogs. The Furry Kids (FFF dogs) will also be there as part of the Farm's adoption drive. So those who are genuinely looking to give a dog a loving home, please stop by and meet the Furry Kids.

News Update

Here are the following news update:

1. Thanks to all those who signed the Petition calling on NFL to take action against Michael Vick for the torture and killing of countless dogs through his illegal dog fighting racket. This evil man has now pleaded guilty to this heinous crime.

2. My letter on the shooting of squirrels appeared in the NST. Kindly click on this link to read:

3. Sabrina Yeap Founder of the Furry Friends Farm has ventured on a project to get communities to get involved in spaying the cats and dogs within their own community and then release them back into the same community. The people who live in this community will sponsor the project. Read about this amazing breakthrough by an animal welfare organization in the STAR WEEKENDER page 12 called Community Cat Project - a story by Ellen Whyte in her column called Katz Tales.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sign Petition To Save Sea Horses

Below is an appeal from a marine biologist to all Malaysians:

"Dear friends,

Please click on the link below.

It is a petition site for the seahorses and the ecosystem in the Pulai River Estuary in Johor, southern Peninsular Malaysia, which has been set up by my friend, Mr Choo Chee Kuang.

He is biologist who is doing research on the spotted seahorse(Hippocampus kuda) that inhabits the vast seagrass beds in the area. At present the area is under severe threat from proposed developments in the Petrochemical and Maritime Industries.

More information about this issue, the value of the seagrass beds and mangroves, and the implications of the development projects can be found on the petition website.

Additional information about the seahorse conservation project can be found at

I've personally been to the area myself and assisted with the ongoing research activities, and the seagrass beds and surrounding area are very special.

Biodiversity is high, and the seagrass and mangroves hosts all sorts of invertebrates (snails, sea cucumbers, crabs, clams, jellyfish etc), and vertebrates (fish, dugong, birds, crocs, etc). I was blown away....

Chee Kuang is working very hard to stop the impending destruction and trying to negotiate a compromise with the stakeholders. You can help him now by signing the petition. It will only take all of 2 minutes of your time and at a simple mouse click, you would have helped towards reaching the 5000 signatures target of the petition.

Thank you for your time and attention. Let's give the seahorses and the surrounding ecosystem of the Pulai River Estuary a fighting chance!!!!! And please pass the word around.

Louisa Ponnampalam


RSC received an appeal to post this important notice on the blog:

If your pets are stolen, PLEASE LODGE A POLICE REPORT!

It doesn't matter if u believe or don't believe that the police will
take action. Go lodge a police report and then collect the official report a few days later. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

As long as there are 3 similar cases reported in a week, the Police Chief Deputy Commissioner MUST BE informed! and action MUST be taken!

This is a chicken-n-egg story. People don't bother about lodging a police
report because they "believe" the police won't do anything about their

At the same time, if you keep quiet and don't let them know what's going on, how the heck will they know that there is a syndicate that has been going around stealing pets?!!

I don't wish for your pets to be stolen, but the next time you receive
an email or phone call that somebody's pet has been stolen, please
advice them to lodge a police report.