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Monday, February 26, 2007

Whose Dog Is This?

This is a photo of Gideon whom I found wandering about dazed and exhausted on the highway just after Bangsar leading to the Federal Highway. I had to stop speeding cars to coax him over to a safe spot before rescuing him.

Does anyone recognize Gideon? Do you know who is pining for him right now?
The vet told my husband and I that Gideon, although quite an old dog, has been kept immaculately groomed and in tip top condition. He said he had never seen a dog so well cared for. So his guess is that whoever has been caring for him is probably heart-broken right now.

Well, so is Gideon. So heart-broken he is not even eating and seems depressed. My husband and I are very worried about this. Please let us know if you know who Gideon's guardian is. If you can post this onto any other website, blog, etc. that would help Gideon's chances.

Thank you so much.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Excellent Letter In Malaysiakini!

If you can't treat your pet right, then don't get one
Natasha FernzFeb 16, 07 5:04pm

I was walking my Labrador, Cleo, as usual in the morning yesterday - we had to stop a million times to say hello to all her doggie friends that walk along the same track as usual - when we met a new Labrador.

The owner was running with the dog and the dog was just so happy to be with her. We stopped and the two of them said their hellos and then we carried on. I noticed, however, that the Labrador looked rather old and worn out. And he had lots of chaff marks on his legs and neck. My initial assumption was that he was probably very old. Then we ran into each other again on our second lap of the track and this time we stopped to chat.

The owner was a very nice lady, though I didn’t get her name - all of us dog-mad people seem to be more concerned with knowing the names of the dogs only. I then found out that she had only recently obtained Wallace (her Labrador).

She had rescued him from a neighbour who actually just left the dog in a very small cage when they moved house. Apparently this dog has been living in that cage with hardly any room to move for two whole years - from when they got him as a puppy. He was only let out for a short period of time to go to the toilet.

And these people just abandoned him when they decided to move. They left him in the cage with no food or water. This lady managed to get into the compound and get the dog out after a few days when she realised that he had been abandoned.

Wallace could not walk because his muscles were not developed from being in the cage his entire life. She has had to slowly build him up by feeding him a special diet and also by exercising him a little bit at a time.

He is now doing very well, although he looks five timeS his age. He's only two-and-half-years old. How can people be so cruel? I just don't understand it.

I really hope that our society will progress and become more aware of animal rights. Owning a pet, be it a dog or cat, is a serious commitment. You must ensure that you can provide your pet with all that it needs, and by this I don't just mean food. Your pet needs companionship, exercise and adequate veterinarian care.

I would like to appeal to everyone to please think carefully before getting a pet. It's a lifelong commitment. If you can't treat your pet right, then don't get one.

I would also like to appeal to the government to impose stricter rules and harsher penalties against all those who are cruel to animals. The current penalty is a mere slap on the wrist. I think that a minimum jail term of five years should be imposed on those who are guilty of mistreating animals. A mere fine just won't do the job.

Friday, February 16, 2007

We Will See You Again, Sheba

Mark Tan's dog Sheba passed away peacefully on January 27, 2007. Mark and his family including his lovely aunty Rani, love animals and it was aunty Rani who was beside Sheba when she died.

Mark is an avid writer to the newspapers, speaking out against cruelty to animals and other campaigns where RSC calls for writers to support our cause.

So RSC would like to publish vignettes of Mark's memory of Sheba and her photo as a eulogy to this wonderful dog who was much loved by the family God had chosen for her here on earth.

In Loving Memory of Our Sheba

By Mark Tan

" Sheba loved to eat my aunt's japanese roses the minute they bloomed in the morning. It used to annoy my aunt. Last night I was touched when I saw my aunt pluck some of those roses and put them on her grave. I'm sure Sheba's is up there in heaven in her big, Japanese Rose garden." -- February 2

"Even when she had arthritis just before her death, Sheba would stand guard over my aunt as my aunt waited for her pick up at the gate. When my aunt returned she would still be waiting. My aunt tried to sneak in once but Sheba knew and was waiting.
"She even knew when I would return from Kuala Lumpur to my aunt's house in Ipoh. She would be waiting at the gate before I arrived." -- February 5

"Sheba is camera shy. So I only have a picture of her here as a pup. Will be going back to Ipoh today for the first time since her death. Don't know how I'm going to feel not having a wet nose to greet me at the gate." -- February 8
"I wont say good bye to her as I'm sure we will meet once again in that place where no shadows fall." -- February 10

"I want to say to you, Sheba, that you have shown me that a dog is the one absolutely, unselfish friend that a man can have in this world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or my friend hold true to these words.
"Even though you have entered the doggy door in heaven, I know while enjoying paradise you still keep a watchful eye over Aunty Rani . And when its time for me to join you , I know I won't even have to call out your name , because as always you will know when I am at the gate. I will see you soon enough, my dear." -- February 16

Please Do Not Visit D-Paradise in Alor Gajah

The letter below was sent to the STAR newspaper but unpublished as yet.

I refer to the article entitled Robber Crabs On Display At D-Paradise (the STAR, February 12, 2007).

Robber Crabs are on the CITES (Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species) endangered species list as are other animals at D-Paradise. D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village in Lubok China, Alor Gajah also has a website boasting of keeping pangolins - another endangered animal.

Already pangolins are being smuggled in the truck loads across the border to Thailand to be sold on the black market. Even when smugglers are caught the Malaysian courts only mete out token fines which does nothing to stop them because these smugglers earn 25 times more than these meagre fines.

To add insult to injury Malaysians now have to stomach the shameless display of our wildlife at many local resorts that exploit them to the fullest.

Has anyone even questioned if it is illegal to display these endangered animals by commercial establishments that have no qualifications in the proper care and treatment of these animals?

How is it possible for these resorts to get a license from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan)? Perhilitan has already been involved in more than one embarrasing situation where it has had to return the animal to its natural habitat when foreign non-governmental vehementally opposed this shameful abuse. And yet this blatant abuse still goes on in Malaysia right under the nose of Perhilitan.

We appeal to the public to refrain from going to such places. If you would like to see wildlife, go and observe them in their natural habitat.

The Remembering Sheena Campaign (RSC) received a complaint about D-Paradise in May last year about how it favours trapping animals in "touch" enclosures where the public can get up, close and personal with these poor creatures.

The complainant observed a child swinging a hare by the ears in the rabbit pen. When she pointed this out to the staff at D-Paradise, the staff only laughed. RSC's follow up on this matter can be read at

It is obvious that places like this exist only to exploit animals to the fullest. Their bottom line is profit and they don't care for the environment nor the physical and emotional well being of the animals at their resort.

If we the public refuse to give our support to places like this then they cannot flourish. If these resorts have so much money, why don't they buy vast pieces of land and turn it into sancturaries for animals the way the much loved environmentalist, Steve Irwin, has urged people to do?

They can hire trained environmentalists to take people into these sanctuaries and observe the animals roam free in their natural settings instead of behind cages at these resorts.

Worse some resorts force endangered orang utans to ride bicycles and kick box simply to entertain visitors.

I don't know what kind of sadistic pleasure visitors gain from watching all of this as they can plainly see that the animal is distressed and forced to do such unnatural things out of fear of being punished.

If the authorities won't do anything, YOU the public have the right to stop this. Don't go to these places.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Meet Us At Borders Bookstore

Sabrina Yeap from the Furry Friends Farm, Angeline Chin who recently launched her much anticipated book, Silent Cries (photo on the right) and Shoba Mano from the Remembering Sheena Campaign will be at the respective Borders Bookstore at the venues, dates and times below.

We shall be speaking about animal welfare in Malaysia and how important education is in ensuring animals are given a fair opportunity to participate in society without being used, abused, ostracized and exploited.

There are a lot more people who are part of our "work" and "efforts" who aren't one of the speakers of the day, but have done as much for animals in society.

They shall always be dearly treasured. We hope you get to meet them too.

Do drop by. We'd love to see you.

10th March @ Borders, Berjaya Times Square @ 3-4pm
17th March @ Borders, The Curve @ 3-4pm

Joy's Birthday Bash Reported In The STAR

The following story appeared in the STAR newspaper dated February 2, 2007. RSC shall soon be posting details of the two contests organized to support animals as mentioned in the article below.


Happy birthday: Yeap (left) and Foo with Joy and the birthday cake.LIKE any one-year-old, Joy enjoyed the attention he received at his first birthday and gobbled up pieces of the cake that had been specially baked for him.

Joy is not a child but a stray mongrel, which was cruelly beaten up by Indonesian workers in Selayang recently.

Guests at the party, sponsored by Pusat Penjaja Jinjang Utara managing partner Lucia Foo, comprised Joy’s supporters and animal lovers of all ages.

“He’s recovering well and has been putting on weight though he has to adapt to life without a front lower jaw,” said Furry Friends Farm managing partner Sabrina Yeap, who rescued Joy in early December.

Yeap said there has been significant character change in Joy since his rescue as he can now sit and stand on his own rather than cling on to his rescuers.

“Many have asked if Joy should get an artificial jaw fixed but the veterinarian said he doesn’t need it because he adapted to his situation.”

“I decided to sponsor this party because as an animal lover, I wanted to show my support for Yeap and what she’s doing – to save and rehabilitate underprivileged animals,” said Foo, 52.

Furry Friends Farm and Malaysian Pet Groomers Association will be organising two events as part of its animal welfare community projects where Joy plays the role of ambassador.

My Favourite Furry Friend (A Dog) Children’s Art Contest 2007 is for all Malaysian children aged between nine to 12.

The Spring & Summer Collection for Furry Kids (Dogs) Fashion Design Contest is open to all Malaysians aged 17 and above.

For more details and registration, visit or call 03-6201 1102, Monday to Friday between noon and 4pm.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Petition To Protest The Murder Of Eng Her Sun's Dogs Ignored

Firstly, RSC, FFF and Humane Society (HS) would like to thank everyone who signed HS's Petition to protest the cold-blooded murder of Mr Eng Her Sun's 13 dogs by the Seremban Municipal.

We believe in always updating people on the outcome of any project we embark on and for that reason we are giving you an update on Nick's efforts with the Petition. He is from the Humane Society and is the person who drafted the Petition. His efforts are clearly summed up in his letter published in Malaysiakini on Feb 2, 2007. Please click on this link to read letter:

RSC also seeks your help. Yes YOU. Please write a letter to in support of Nick's letter. It doesn't matter whether your letter gets published or not. It is for the Press to gauge the growing support out there for animal welfare and they will take the initiative to highlight more animal welfare issues. I've just sent mine.

For those who are at this moment wondering, "What is the point of my letter?" let me leave you with some words of wisdom. Its not how many people you change that counts with God, but how many times you spoke out against injustice.

I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
and because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
~ Edward Everett Hale's pledge to the Lend-a-Hand Society

Friday, February 02, 2007

Davina Goh's Article Wins Double Accolades

I'm sure you will all remember Davina Goh. She read Naomi's story on RSC's blog and immediately moved into action. Read Naomi's story here

On her own initiative Davina drafted a Petition to demand an investigation into Naomi's death and for extra care to be given to all the other animals at the boarding place where Naomi died. [Pix on the right of Davina holding dog with Nick from Humane Society standing over them. Pix taken at Furry Friends Farm at Kundang late last year]

Naomi was Raihana Souket Ali's beloved cat who died while under the care of the Dept of Veterinary Services, Bukit Mertajam.

Raihana told RSC no one had given food or drink to her cat for four days while her family had paid her boarding there for four days.

Depressed and devastated Raihana wrote to the DVS authorities including the head office in Putra Jaya. No one bothered to answer her.

Not until RSC helped Raihana highlight this matter in the New Straits Times and Davina's Petition garnered hundreds of signatures and public outcry resulting in Berita Harian doing a story too, did Raihana get some response from Putra Jaya.

The response - a ridiculous letter, as usual, in Bolehland that sought to shift blame rather than take responsibility to investigate DVS negligence.

At least with all the reports in the newspapers and the public sympathy DVS has been revealed for what it is and DVS knows that the public knows what happened to Naomi and it is not something they can keep hidden.

Now Davina participated in the Sun Newspaper's People's Choice Award and won not one but two awards which was the People's Choice Award and Grand Prize Award.

She said she very nearly did not enter the contest but was inspired to do so she joined RSC's trip to the Furry Friends Farm.

Davina has also donated a sizeable portion of her winnings to the Furry Friends Farm.

Please click here to read her winning entry:

Congratulations, Davina. We are proud of you!