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Monday, January 18, 2010


An Red Alert from Malaysia Dogs Deserve Better:

The situation at the Klang Municipal Council dog pound has reached a critical state. A friend who had gone there to feed the dogs said there were almost 200 dogs crammed there and some were terribly sick.

She has taken some photos and the sight at the pound is terribly heart wrenching. The Klang Municipal Council refuses to look at other alternatives instead of catching and putting these dogs through hell.

To make matters worse, they pay their dog catchers incentives which has resulted in them going out to catch dogs at all times of the day.

Their favourite time is about 6.00 or 7.00 pm when home owners come back from work and release their dogs to ease themselves.

Most of the dogs caught have collars on and if allowed to go on the situation will only get worse.

[Some dogs like this one in pix on the right, have collars and look well looked after. Quite obviously someone's pet]

The Klang Municipal Council’s dog catching unit is going on a rampage as the dog catchers have been given incentives for every dog caught. The situation has gotten out of hand with the dog catchers even going out to catch dogs late at night.

Their favourite modus operendi is to go to housing estates in the evening when dog owners return home and release their dogs out for a while. The dogs are nabbed and manhandled before being brought to the pound. A large number of the dogs at the Klang dog pound have collars.

Yes, no doubt there are complaints about strays but this time MPK has embarked on a rampage of hate against all dogs under the instructions of its health department head En Zulkifli Abbas [This person is cited by MDDB as the one responsible for this carnage and suffering. See this here at their website

The dogs are cramped in cages without proper food and water and many end up dead.

Hopefully, the state government will look into this as soon as possible and failure to do so is reflective of the Pakatan Rakyat’s inability to control its local government machinery. We also urge the Pakatan Rakyat government to transfer En Zulkifli Abbas out of MPK.

Failure by the state government to do so will result in aggressive groundwork being immediately launched to ensure that it’s booted out of Selangor in the next elections. We animal activists are willing to put any party which propagates compassion for animals in power because our main priority is to stop this cruelty and viciousness against dogs.

[Another pix of dog with collar on the right. Sad to see people's pets being taken indiscriminately like this]

Please join MDDB in their fight to stop this carnage by sending an email of protest to the following addresses:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Shame On Sunway For Supporting Dolphin and Sea Lion Show

My letter sent out to the editors of the newspapers recently objecting to the Sunway Pyramid Dolphin and Sea Lion show. I urge all Malaysians to send similar letter of protests to,,

Sunway Pyramid supporting traveling freak show

For too long Malaysians who care about our environment and animal welfare have had to put up with backyard breeders, and holiday resorts and amusement parks that abuse and exploit animals in the name of “education” and “entertainment”’.

Do we really need to enter the New Year with shopping malls carrying on this sickening legacy?

There is a Dolphin and Sea Lion show currently taking place on the grounds of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The Sunway Group is not the show’s proprietor and claim to be only hosting the shows from Dec 1 to Feb 7.

Yet, the mall works hand-in-glove with the proprietors by encouraging the public to shop at Sunway Pyramid to obtain a 30% discount on the show’s tickets.

Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures. Their family bond lasts a lifetime. Stealing them from the wild for "entertainment" breaks up their family unit and keeps the ones in captivity under severe stress.

In 1983, at Tokerau Beach in Northland, New Zealand, dolphins rescued stranded and disorientated whales. They risked their lives by swimming into the shallows and “herded” the whales out to sea. The same thing happened in Whangerei harbour, New Zealand, five years later.

In the US, SeaWorld’s dolphin and sea lion shows employ scientists, zoologists, and trainers, and sends out rescue teams that participate in research and wildlife preservation.

SeaWorld’s teams have helped save stranded whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions. And they have helped raise the awareness of endangered manatees. SeaWorld is committed to conservation, research and animal rescue. Yet they too have been criticized by the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society because it is cruel to keep these intelligent animals in captivity.

Look at the contrast here in Malaysia. I spoke to the Sunway Pyramid Dolphin and Sea Lion show’s proprietor who only gave his name as Daniel. He called the marine animals, “fish” and admitted he didn’t have any marine biologist working with the animals.

Daniel refused to say if those dealing with these mammals are trained, but only stressed that he ensured the temperature in the tents where the shows were being held was regulated and that he had spent much money to ensure they were kept in sea water.

He refused to describe the dolphins enclosure nor how they were transported. The shows are held in makeshift tents, presumably to make it easy to pack up and leave.

Dolphins and sea lions should not be dragged about on some traveling freak show. Those reading this letter should visit and read the touching story of Keiko the Orca whale featured in the movie Free Willy.

The link provides the chronological sequence of how Keiko was captured, and suffered at marine parks in Mexico and the US just to entertain people, before a global outcry returned him to the open sea.

When will people realize that animals don’t exist for our entertainment? If the public wants to see a dolphin, hook up with a conservationist or marine biologist and go see them in their natural habitat.

If you can't travel, don’t bother. Be content to watch them on Animal Planet.. It won't affect the quality of your life one bit. But it turns the lives of these animals upside down. They are so tortured that it is better to kill them than force them to live a life in captivity.

One blogger who attended the show at Sunway Pyramid complained about it on her blog at

She expressed shock that these animals were kept in tiny enclosures and forced to work long hours. She expressed disgust that the host of the show “talked nonsense” and offered no educational information that would help kids learn how to care for animals and the environment..

Sunway Pyramid, shame on you for aiding and abetting this traveling freak show.

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