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Friday, April 06, 2007

Johor Housing and Local Government Committee Declares Killing 10,000 stray dogs last year

Thank you Khailee from e-zine for writing to RSC, expressing his disgust at a newspaper report where the Johor Housing and Local Government Committee claims to have shot 10,000 stray dogs and is looking for dog shooters.

To kill so many innocent lives only serves to bring a curse to their own land. Why don't they bless their land by building love, compassion and respect for all life, instead?

Dogs are innocent lives created by God. What right do human beings have to say they don't deserve to live?

Read story here:

RSC sent off a letter concerning this to Malaysiakini. The letter had been heavily edited and Malaysiakini gave a wrong heading. "Phase out" means slowly eradicting. RSC's letter does not call for dog shooters to be phased out but to be "eradicated" with immediate effect.

But at least they printed it. Thank you Malaysiakini! Read my letter here:


  • At 12:19 AM, Blogger Save Animals said…

    Great job Shoba! I was furious when I read the news too! Its like the only 'solution' that the Johor Housing & Local Govt Committee can come up with. How narrow minded! Its clear that the folks down there never really think out of the box to solve the situation. I hope they wont take the drastic measure (or shall I say, shortcut way?). Blood is on their hands, and most importantly this will never solve the situation, their dim-witted action will only jeopardize the move to inculcate caring and compassionate behavior amongst the society.


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