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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Their Excuse For Starving Dogs? No Bowls

According to Malaysia Dogs Deserve Better's (MDDB)latest report The Selayang Council had the audacity to say they did not give the dogs at the pound food or water because they had no bowls!!

They had no bowls!! I don't even know how to respond to that. Are these people even human? I don't think so. They must have come out of demon's wombs to callously dismiss their despicable act of torture as if it was not a big deal.

In MDDB's latest email dated February 22nd, it alleged that it heard that the Selayang Municipal Council also refused food brought by another NGO to the pound when it learnt of what was happening there.

Extract from MDDB'e email:

"It shows the arrogance of the Selayang Municipal Council - why did they refuse the food?

Anyone claiming that the MPS is feeding the pound dogs are lying either to cover their posteriors or because they have personal agendas.

One of the persons responsible for this cruelty is an MPS employee named Ernie - contact number: 0136064446. She is the officer in charge of the pound. According to a very reliable sources she prevents even owners from going in to see their dogs.

This woman apparently has a deep hatred for dogs that she enjoys inflicting pain on them. Call her and make it clear to this cruel civil servant, whose salary comes from our tax ringgit, that we will not tolerate her conduct.

Continue to SMS [and email] the councillors and the others [as listed below] as the MPS would be having their full board meeting tomorrow morning [which is today]."


Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan & Pelesenan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300

YAD. Dato' Paduka Raja Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmood b. Pa' Wan Teh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3337099

Tn. Abd Rahim b. Abd Wahab
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-6767002

Tn. Lim Ching How
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2325011

Tn. Hj. Mohamad b. Abdul Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-6347237.

Tn. A Rahim b. Ahmad Kasdi
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3864986

Tn. Murugan @ Murugeshu a/l Arumugam
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6935569

Tn. Hasbullah b. Mohd Ridzwan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2917011

YBhg. Dato' Hj. Mazlan b. Hassan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-3990545

Puan Sian Eng Keng
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2881387

Tn. N. Gopalan Krishnan a/l Rajoo
No. Tel. Bimbit: 016-3715923

Tn. Zulkifli b. Hamzah
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Pn. Khatifah Zamani bt. Sulong
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2342889

Tn. Dr. Ramli b. Jusoh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6623822

Pn. Maznah bt. Abd Aziz
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3529660

Tn. Samsudin b. A.Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Tn. Md. Sabri b. Md. Taib
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2300231

Tn. Zulnizam b. Shahrani
No. Tel. Bimbit : 013-3973930

Tn. Chee Chu Sang
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3096671

Tn. Tan Hui Chuan
No. Tel. Bimbit : 012-3586988

YM Tengku Zulpuri Shah B. Raja Puji
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3296564

Tn. Gunarajah a/l R.George
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3925995

Tn. Roslin b. Mohd. Rosli
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3072605

Tn. Lee Khai Loon
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Selayang MP YB William Leong


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