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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Simpsons Cartoon Founder Is A Great Blessing To Animals

I'm sure most of you have watched the cartoon show, The Simpsons. Its creator, Sam Simon, continues to earn USD10 million a year from the show that he hasn't even worked on since 1993. He gets this income from licensing fees and residuals to the show.

This good fortune could not have happened to a better guy because Sam Simon is using his money to rescue stray and abused dogs. He trains them to look after people with disabilities and takes them to visit lonely senior citizens to lift their spirits.

He even has vets travelling around Los Angeles in spay and neuter-mobiles, so people in low-income neighborhoods can get their pets spayed for free. ( I wish Sam could come over to Malaysia and teach the Malaysian government a thing or two about morality and ethics)

Sam Simon runs the grandest dog shelter in the country, a five star, six acre spread in Malibu, perhaps the most desirable real estate on the planet. And he doesn't collect a single cent in donation. He pays for all the expenses himself.
Here, among the waterfalls and the manicured grounds, the Sam Simon Foundation gives stray and abused dogs a new lease on life. Click here to read the CBS story on Sam and listen to his interview on 60 minutes.


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