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Friday, April 06, 2007

Our Talk At Borders Bookstore

Okay, as you know RSC announced a talk at Borders on animal welfare. The talk was over a few weeks ago and went very well. Angeline Chin author of Silent Cries, Sabrina Yeap founder of Furry Friends Farm, Nick Josh Karean of Humane Society and myself spoke on animal welfare.

There was not many ppl seated in the audience listening at the Borders at Berjaya Times Square, but there was a fairly decent crowd at the Curve. The most important thing is that everything we said was conveyed through a speakers all throughout the store. So those who were not seated could also hear us speak up for animals.
Davina Goh, a supporter of RSC and one who helped Raihana Ali get justice for her cat, also turned up to give us moral support. Photo caption: (left to right) Sabrina Yeap, Angeline Chin and Davina Goh at Borders Bookstore, the Curve.

Angeline sold quite a few books and Sabrina sold all FFF shampoos. Angeline put up photos of abused animals and told the story of each one of them which broke my heart.

Remember! Cruelty does not consist of only an action - inaction is also cruelty. Neglecting your pet, confining them on a leash or in a cage, not giving them good food or clean water also constitutes cruelty.


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