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Friday, April 27, 2007

Amid Has Died

RSC sent out the following letter to the Press after learning of Amid's death. We posted messages about Amid on blog entries dated March 1 and 11. Please do a search on this blog if you would like to read those entries:

I refer to the story entitled Zoo Awaiting Post-Mortem Results (The Star, April 22nd, 2007).

It was shocking to read about Amid's post-mortem when the public was not even informed of Amid's death on April 10.

Sadly the public learned of his death two weeks late through a four paragraph report in the Press.

After all the “good publicity” Amid gave Malacca Zoo, Sime Darby that sponsored his maintenance at the zoo and the Department of Wildlife (Perhilitan) for their so-called rescue, there should have been a decent follow-up story on the events leading to Amid’s death.

Above all, there should be some information on what Perhilitan is doing to take action against the theme park that starved and abused Amid.

In an earlier letter to the Press (that was never published), The Remembering Sheena Campaign (RSC) thanked Sime Darby for their generous donation to the Malacca Zoo on Amid’s behalf, but urged them to please send an official letter to Perhilitan enquiring what actions, if any, it intends to take against the theme park that caused so much suffering to this baby elephant.

RSC voiced its concern that this theme park has many other animals which it forces to perform to entertain visitors. Surely, Sime Darby must care about their welfare.

When interviewed by the Star, Sime Darby could have appealed to the public not to patronise theme parks that abuse and neglect animals. It has a corporate, social responsibility to do so.

The company could have also urged the authorities to halt the rape of Malaysian forests for short-term profits, because this has directly resulted in wild animals fleeing to urban areas, and ultimately living out their lives in circuses, theme parks, laboratories and zoos.

Sime Darby missed an excellent opportunity to save tens and maybe hundreds of other animals that are forced to perform at theme parks similar to the one that kept Amid starving and neglected.

Such a letter and thoughtful statements to the Press as suggested above, could have improved the lives of all the other animals that Sime Darby's generous donation could not reach.

Alas, now even that generous donation is no good because Amid is dead.

The only thing that came out of Sime Darby’s generosity is good publicity for the company, the zoo and Perhilitan.

Rest in peace baby Amid. No one can hurt or use you anymore.


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