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Monday, February 08, 2010


Contrary to rubbish media propaganda, tigers don't attack humans. The statistics of an attack is extremely rare and in all those occasions there has been a sound reason for it.

Just like this newspaper report below proves. This poor tiger had to rip out its own limb from a poacher's trap and in all likelihood attacked under severe pain.

Compare this story to another just a day before in an online portal where five tigers had been raised in a house in Indonesia for 25 years and was part of the family with no reports of a single attack.

It is Mankind who is evil. Not animals.

Monday February 8, 2010

Tiger found dead near attack spot


IPOH: The tiger that attacked an orang asli man at the Bukit Tapah Forest Reserve on Saturday has been found dead.

A team from the Perak Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) found the male tiger with gunshot and blow pipe wounds within 100m from where it attacked the orang asli.

It had also lost its left forelimb.

State Perhilitan director Shabrina Shariff believes the animal could have escaped a trap set by poachers.

“The tiger might have attacked Yok Meneh because it was in pain,” she said yesterday.

“That is why I was surprised to read that the tiger had attacked a human as tigers are normally reclusive animals which keep to themselves,” Shabrina said.

The tiger tipped the scale at 120kg and measured between 1.5m and 1.8m in length. The tiger’s carcass is expected to be taken to the department’s Sungkai office for further checks.

Yok Meneh, a 47-year-old gatherer from the Semai tribe, was attacked while he was on his way to gather petai and suffered a deep wound measuring 15.2cm on his back.

He also suffered injuries to his hands and legs from fighting against the tiger.

Shabrina urged Yok Meneh to lodge a police report on the matter as he was entitled to compensation for being attacked by a fierce animal.

She said the department would recommend to the relevant authorities that Yok Meneh be compensated.


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