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Friday, April 06, 2007

Furry Friends Farm Update

Due to the overwhelming requests to leave animals at Furry Friends Farm (FFF), RSC would now like to make a clear statement on FFF's policy for accepting animals.

1. Don't dump your pets there please! PETS ARE FOR LIFE. That is the message that RSC and FFF seeks to disseminate and instil into Malaysian culture. FFF is for abused pets that have been rescued and strays.

2. FFF does not put animals down. So if you would like to help a stray you picked off the street, you can send it to FFF. BUT you need to bear the medical costs for the animal such as spaying and any other medical problems it may have. THIS IS ONLY A ONE-OFF COST. After that it costs only RM1 a day or RM30 a month for the food plus RM10 to the shelter for maintenance.

All that time the animal you rescued will be in a happy and safe environment with acres of land to roam free.

Best of all is that FFF regularly has adoption programmes for the animals to get them rehomed.

FFF wanted RSC to post this policy on our blog because of the many calls they were getting from ppl wanting to dump animals at FFF or even ask them to pick up strays. FFF would not mind doing that if the government gave them funding.

The laws of Malaysia does provide for governmental bodies to act, but the local councils are so barbaric and cruel in rounding up and putting down strays and the DVS rarely ever responds to public complaints of animal abuse
We wonder if the funding cannot be put to better use by giving it to NGOs that are doing a better job.
Keep watching this space for more info to be posted on FFF.


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