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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Malaysia Deteriorating Into A Barbaric Society

The Few Good Men, who still love this country watch helplessly as irrational municipal council regulations, indifferent Veterinary Services Departments and Department of Wildlife or Perhilitan (who are supposed to know better and understand animals) treat animals like unthinking, unfeeling "products". One day our children will be paying for these sins.

While stand-up comedians Allan and Indie, make us laugh at Malaysian idiosyncracies, the truth behind their statements should really make us bury our faces in our hands and cry.

Cry for a country that has so much beauty and potential and watch it run to the ground through greed, corruption and loss of the most basic humanity.

Pix on the right NST caption : Cruelty knows no bounds. Wires instead of rope are used to tie the dogs caught, constricting their throats and airways



It's a common sight in any urban township. Except that in most cases, dogcatchers seldom exercise restraint when going after strays or even pets.

IT is one day an 11-year-old girl will unlikely forget. On July 15, a group of armed men stormed into her neighbourhood in Labuan and shot her pet dog twice in front of her house compound.

They hoisted the badly wounded dog, still kicking alive, by its tail and left.

Jonathan Ang, father of the Year Five student, says his daughter is still having nightmares and has yet to recover from the trauma.

The 20 to 30 “trained sharp-shooters” were deployed by the Labuan Corporation's Veterinary Department to eliminate strays in the area, with help from the People's Volunteer Corp (Rela).

In the 12-day operation which started on July 9, 471 dogs were killed, falling short of the targeted 500.

A bounty of RM30 was set on each killed dog, says Ang.

On that day, Ang's daughter Jocelyn, together with 10 other children, were playing with her dog in a playground in Taman Sea View when the men arrived and shouted at them to stay away.

They shot Jocelyn's dog in the leg, and gave chase when the dog ran towards the house, shooting at it a second time in full view of the screaming children.

Ang can't fathom why a dangerous weapon like the rifle was used, why pets were killed, and why children had to be exposed to such cruelty.

“There was no regard for safety. A missed shot hit the wall of my fence. There were people running around at that time! What if a stray bullet had hit someone?

“My dog didn't die instantly. I don't know how to explain the incident to my daughter. It was just inhumane.”

In the Klang Valley, some captured strays have been subjected to a slow and painful death, says a witness.

Most municipal councils lease dog catching contracts to contractors, and some to private dogcatchers.
Operations are conducted occasionally, but some contractors catch dogs as and when they like, says the source.

“Municipal councils pay RM35 to RM50 for a dog, so it's good business (for dogcatchers). They no longer act based on public complaints.

“At times, they encroach on other territories to hunt for more dogs - strays or pets.”

In Balakong, there was a case of dogcatchers lowering a rope into a workshop compound to lasso a blind puppy out.

Animal rights activist Jacqueline Tsang says dogcatchers have no right to trespass on a private premise to get a dog, regardless of whether or not the dog has a licence.

What they can do is to issue a summons or a warning letter requesting the owner to apply for a licence.

However, the authorities can catch any unleashed dog outside the house compound.

It is learnt that three-quarters of the dogs in the Kuala Lumpur City Hall pound are owned, but were caught when irresponsible owners let them out to roam.

Some dogcatchers don't hand over their catch to the municipal council straightaway but keep the dogs in their vehicle instead.

They make a trip to the council only when the vehicle's loaded with 20 to 30 dogs.

Due to lack of space, many puppies and smaller dogs are trampled to death, and deadly fights break out among the bigger ones.

If the dogs fight or are too noisy, the catchers would hit them with a stick. Fierce dogs have been beaten to death, the source says.

Food and water are not given as the rationale is money should not be wasted on dogs that are going to be put down in the pound with a lethal injection, as is the procedure.

As it can take up to weeks for the vehicle to be filled, dogs caught earlier would have died of starvation or thirst.

Some dogs, due to extreme thirst, lap up a dead dog's fluids which flow from its mouth.

“The stench of the dogcatchers’ van is horrible due to the many carcasses,” says the source.

“Dogs can smell it from afar and make for a dash when they see the van but most of the time, they fail to escape when surrounded by up to four catchers.

“Once caught and placed inside the van, these dogs can sense their fate.

“Would you believe me if I say these dogs cry? They don't just howl. They have tears.

“It is a pitiful sight I hope no one will ever have to see.”

Strays should be caught but they must be treated as humanely as possible, says the source.

“There is a procedure. Catch the dogs, hand them over to the pound, and wait for a week or two to see if someone claims them.

“If not, put them to sleep. At least in the pound, the dogs are fed.

“A criminal on death row is given anything he wishes to eat before he is sent to the gallows. Why can't the same be done for animals?

“Please let them die with dignity, they didn't ask to be born as strays.”

It is learnt that some dogcatchers are also involved in dognapping, selling pedigree at a discounted rate to pet shops in the Klang Valley.

Some offer a full refund if the dog dies within two weeks.

Another source, who had stumbled upon a dogcatchers’ van and pitied a captured dog, had bought it for a couple of hundred ringgit.

The dog was diagnosed with severe dehydration.

The problem is compounded when dogcatchers are not trained and when there's no proper procedure, says Christine Chin, chairperson of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA) Selangor.

“Some municipal councils like Klang, Kajang and Ampang Jaya do not even have pounds.

“Where then are these animals placed? How are they put down? Are there qualified professionals to supervise euthanasia?

“And our repeated requests to witness how dogs are put down in the Selayang pound have never been entertained. It's all a mystery.

“We have written to the municipal councils for years, but have never received a reply. If there's no proper handling, it goes against the good practice set by the Department of Veterinary Services.”

Chin says the Klang Municipal Council recently agreed to set up a pound but pleas to other councils have fallen on deaf ears.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall's pound is a model and should be emulated, she adds.

When the New Sunday Times contacted the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council and asked where dogs caught are sent to, a public relations officer said, “Adalah tempat khas dia (There's a special place for that).”

The council's deputy environmental health officer, Ghazali Abdul Wahab, says the dogs are given an injection and disposed of in a dumpsite in Klang.

He says the setting up of a pound is taking longer due to the high costs involved, which he puts at RM50,000-RM60,000.

The Klang and Kajang municipal councils couldn't be reached.

It is not known how owners can go about claiming pets, which have been mistaken for strays and captured by municipalities without pounds.

A few sources claim that employees of Vet-Fine (M) Sdn Bhd - the contractor for the Ampang Jaya, Selayang and Johor Bahru municipal councils - do not adhere to humane dogcatching practices.

Its managing director Dr Nor Bakry Mat Drus, acknowledges that there have been ‘one or two allegations’ but dismisses the claims.

“I checked each and every allegation, but so far, there is no improper practice,”

“The definition of humane and inhumane practices is very subjective. When the police round up people, it might look rough to outsiders, but it's the normal way of doing things,”

“I'm a registered veterinarian answerable to the Veterinary Association of Malaysia and the Malaysian Veterinary Council,”

“If my company is cruel, my contract wouldn't have been extended,”

Nor Bakry says his service is of great help to municipalities in keeping the population of strays to a minimum.

In Ampang Jaya alone, 250-300 dogs must be caught each month alone, he adds.

He urges councils to look into shortcomings like the lack of funds in addressing this issue.

Chin says SPCA has received tipoffs from concerned individuals on the whereabouts of cruel dogcatchers, but tracing them is almost impossible as they don't stay put at a spot long enough and can resort to violence.

“Once, for two to three days in a row, a gang of them drove past SPCA and yelled abuse at us. They were very threatening.”

SPCA has been lobbying in vain for municipalities and the veterinary department to set guidelines on dogcatching and act against cruel practices, but a recent meeting might turn things around.

The department has agreed to let SPCA draft out the guidelines, says Chin.

Proposals include compulsory registration and training for dog handlers, and hiring handlers who hold animal welfare in high esteem.

“The dogcatching profession should be revamped. Instead of dogcatchers, we should have ‘animal wardens', people who like animals but treat their job as a job, not a business.”

Attempts to contact the department for comment were unsuccessful.

Chin says irresponsible owners who allow their dogs to breed but turn the puppies to the streets are equally at fault.

Animal cruelty is an offence, but the Animal Ordinance 1953, which imposes a maximum fine of RM200 and/or six months’ imprisonment, reflects how trivial animal welfare is in Malaysia, a far cry from neighbouring countries.

“Every country recognises animal cruelty, except ours,” says Chin.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


RSC would like to say a special thank you to the media for publishing all our letters of protest from every individual who believes in kindness, over the Selayang Dog issue and giving full and fair coverage.

Recently many have complained to us that the MPS website up until Monday this week still carried the advertisement of the contest, despite all the media reporting that it has been called off.

RSC complained and the media contacted MPS yesterday. MPS apologized and said it was an "oversight" and agreed to remove the advertisement with immediate effect.

I'm happy to note that today this advertisement is no longer on MPS website.

Thank you everyone for standing up for what is right.

God bless you all and God Bless Malaysia's Press!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tickets To Operafest Concert SOLD OUT!

A great big thank you everyone who bought tickets for Operafest Children's Choir's Show called One Bow-Wow, One Heart

This is a charity show to raise funds for the Furry Friends Farm. All tickets have now been SOLD OUT!

(Pix above credited to Khen Lim, Zone-10 LLC)

We thank Ronald McDonald's Children's Charities for sponsoring the tickets and meals for underprivileged and Operafest children.

Please click on this link to read about Operafest and the charity show for the Furry Friends Farm at: For those who are coming to the show, once again the venue, date and time are as follows:

Event: One Bow-Wow, One Heart
Choir performance by Operafest Children's Choir
Date: 8:00 pm, September 29, 2007.
Venue : Banquet Hall, Lake Club, Jalan Chendramulia, Kuala Lumpur.

Has The Dog Catching Contest Truly Ended?

RSC is saddened to see that while all the newspapers reported that the dog catching contest has ended, MPS continues to display on its webpage that the contest is very much alive.

From Natasha's blog at we noted that SPCA broke ranks with the other animal rights groups and negotiated separately with MPS. Natasha member of CALM notes in her blog: "All NGOs including CALM left the meeting with the exception of SPCA (much to our disappointment).

According to CALM they had all agreed that MPS is to call off the dog catching competition, but as it stands now they don't know what separate deal SPCA has struck with them and sadly all the newspapers reported the dog catching competition is off but in reality, we don't see this happening.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Foreigners Speak Up Against Majlis Perbandaran Selayang

RSC thanks all of you who wrote to the the foreign animal rights groups whose addresses we posted here on this blog.

Here are some of the comments from foreigners about the Selayang Dog Catching Competition as published in MALAYSIAKINI. Please click on the links below to read their letters:

The Inside Story - What Really Happened At The Meeting At Selayang MPS

Natasha Fernz member of CALM has graciously put up the story of what really happened at the meeting between Selayang MPS and various animal rights groups.

Please go to this link to read her story. You will read about:

1.How unidentified hecklers were allowed by MPS to be at the meeting.

2. One heckler attacked an animal rights supporter - a woman - and security personnel merely watched.

3. How the heckler chased after a man pushing another in a wheelchair and tried to attack him while security personnel just watched.

4. How MPS officials disgracefully made fun of disabled people.

Click on the link below:

As Natasha noted, although all the newspapers reported the Competition has been scrapped, the MPS website still advertises the competition and has made no effort made to remove posters and other advertisement in the Selayang area.

We hope the Press takes note of this. And we hope the people take note when you vote at the general elections. If you are not registered to vote, GO NOW to the nearest post office and register.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pet-n-You Dog Carnival at Central Park

RSC and Furry Friends Farm would like to thank Pet-n-You for giving FFF a booth at Central Park during their Dog Carnival on Sunday September 9, 2007. It was extremely kind of them. Please go to this link to learn more of Pet-n-You.

As a result of the booth, all the FFF puppies got adopted into loving homes. On the right are FFF volunteers hard at work speaking to people enquiring and signing up those who have adopted the puppies. FFF keeps in close contact with the families who have adopted and makes visits to ensure the dogs are well looked after.

In the little pen, you can see only one puppy left. The other two in the pen are Gideon and Joy, two of Malaysia's first Dr. Dogs. The third is Babe who is not in the photo.

Noraini, Recruiter in MixFM's Spot the Cut-Out Contest, was taken in by Joy's charms. She is seen in the photo holding Joy. Joy is the dog that was beaten up by Indonesian workers because they branded him as "haram". The beating was vicious and Joy was found by Sabrina Yeap of the FFF with his jaw dangling.
FFF's vet, PetFirst in Kepong, worked hard to ensure first that Joy would not suffer if they saved his life. When Joy showed remarkable recovery they were encouraged and today after much prayers and love by his new guardian, Paul (wearing cap in the photo)he can even eat dry food today which the vets did not expect.

I'm on the extreme left (photo above) holding Noraini's own dog, Phoebe.

Photo on the right is Julie (on the left, standing between the two children), a lady who spends a lot of time feeding strays and rescuing and rehoming dogs on her own. She does this for free out of love for them. She is particularly happy today because many of the families who adopted stray dogs from her turned up at Central Park and Julie was thrilled to see how healthy and happy the dogs are. She is in the photo with a family who adopted stray dogs from her. Please check out Julie's website at

On this day we also signed up a lot of new dogs for the Dr. Dog examination soon to be held at Pet Safari. If you missed this event and would like to sign your dog up to be a Dr. Dog, please write in to

Your dog needs to have a very good temperament and be relaxed in the company of strangers. If you think he falls in this category then write to us.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letter To Selayang Municipal Council From A True Malaysian Heart

The letter below was sent to Selayang Municipal Council, the Press and RSC too from Manivannan Manickam. RSC would also like to express that at the Pet-n-You event at Central Park, Bandar Utama, many Malays came with their dogs and played with other people's dogs. They expressed anger over the Selayang dog issue too and confided that they themselves have been persecuted for showing kindness to dogs.

Photo on the right is a Malay girl talking to her own dog. Her family adopted the stray dog from a kind-hearted lady who rescues and feeds strays. There is no religion that preaches hatred for animals. Only Man who manipulates religion for his own self interest. I leave you with this letter below.

Salam Sejahtera,

Amat mengecewakan dan menjijikkan dengan tindakan pihak anda ini. Pertandingan seperti ini tidak menunjukkan sikap Malaysia yang selalu dilaung-laungkan oleh Perdana Menteri yang kita hormati iaitu masyrakat malaysia adalah masyarakat penyayang dan berperikemanusian.

Ataupun sikap ini hanyalah untuk manusia sejagat sahaja? Bolehkah pihak anda nyatakan apakah rasional yang terdapat di dalam menganjurkan pertandingan seperti ini. Apakah dosa haiwan-haiwan ini? Mengapakah mereka perlu dilayan sekejam ini? Adakah ini kerana ia adalah hanya anjing? Ia juga adalah ciptaan TUHAN dan saya ingin menyatakan yang hanya DIA berhak atas nyawa yang dicipyaNYA.

Dan apa yang amat mengecewakan dan mendukacitakan adalah message yang diberikan oleh seorang adun yang berwibawa. Beginikah cara kita menyelesaikan sesuatu masalah yang kita hadapi?

"Anyone who wishes to rear the dogs are welcome to pick them up, otherwise we would dispose of them through the council’s own methods,” said the State Assemblyman of Rawang, Tang See Hang,"

Dalam alamat email anda sendiri ada menyatakan "selayangmesra", dan saya tidak dapat lihat apakah mesranya ynag terdapat dalam pertandingan sebegini.

Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia, saya menyeru dan merayu pihak anda agar membatalkan/menghentikan sahaja pertandingan yang tidak berperikemanusiaan ini kerana ia bukan sahaja menunjukkan rakyat Malaysia seperti manusia kejam malahan ia memburukkan lagi reputasi negara di mata dunia.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Update on Selayang Dog Catching Competition

Dear All,

Please read the following three articles RSC felt was worth a mention to protest against the idiotic Dog Catching Contest held by the Selayang Municipal Council.

One of the articles is written by Fredrick Fernandez from the STAR and the other two by Davina Goh - the first appearing on page 12 of the Living Arts Magazine and the other in Cicak E-zine. Please go to the links to read.

NOTE: In the comments section at the end of Davina's article in Cicak you will find that the person who left the comment witnessed a dog catcher dragging a female dog forcefully by the neck "WHILE SHE WAS STILL GIVING BIRTH" !!

Are these demons born with mothers and sisters, I wonder?

This is the price Malaysians have to pay for chasing materialistic gain at the expense of the Nation's soul.

If you haven't registered to vote, please do so now!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Record Coverage In The Newspapers!

Thank you everyone who wrote to the newspapers. Because of you, all the newspapers gave coverage to this stupidity of the Selayang Municipal Council. In the New Straits Times there is a record number of 4 letters published on this topic. Praise be to God! Please sign the Petition too. Link given below.

(Photo on the right from NST today with the caption: Selayang residents worried for their dogs safety may well have to resort to keeping a close watch on their pets like this woman motorcyclist decided to do)

I hope everyone who is tired of this constant idiotic actions coming from government departments will please register to vote and take your protest to the ballot box.

This sort of "insane" regulations, proposals are not new in Malaysia. We have heard of Mr Eng Her Sun's dogs massacred, a dog in Ipoh stabbed with a meathook while it is still alive and carried away by Ipoh municipal council officers, our baby elephants dying out of sheer negligence, monkeys exported so they can be tortured in laboratories and in China where their brains are eaten (while they are still alive!), and corrupt people getting away constantly with no action taken against them. The list goes on and on. Enough already!

Go to any post office and register yourself to vote! If you are registered, then go to to check whether your name is on the electoral roll and where your polling station is.

It is very easy. Just key in your IC number and all the details pop up.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Petition To Protest Selayang's Dog Catching Competition

Thanks all of you for protesting this insane and inhumane competition organized by Selayang Municipal Council. Your letters and phone calls to the Press has brought news coverage in many newspapers (Picture on the right from The STAR)

I called MCA Selayang because the newspapers reported The State Assemblyman of Rawang Dato' Tang launched this campaign. I was told this Dato was not around. The man didn't give me his name but said he had just one minute ago received a call from a lady "screaming" at him over the phone for initiating this competition.

I told him I was not going to scream but point out how utterly ruthless and moronic this exercise was. He started defending himself saying "they are only wild dogs and no one would care what happens to them". Wow! How do you talk to someone with moral values so base its negligible? I'm speechless.

It was an effort for me NOT to scream as well.

Here is the phone number for Selayang MCA: 03 - 60916735 . Please politely voice your protest over the phone.

Please also sign the Petition below. This is done by Malaysian animal lovers and soon our international friends will follow suit and sign both the local and their foreign Petition. Will post our international friends' Petition here soon.

Please sign this one first. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Write To Animal Rights Groups Abroad

The Selayang Municipal Council's website calling for a witch hunt on all stray dogs is outrageous. (See post below). Natasha Fernz has kindly furnished us with more email addresses to write to for animal rights groups overseas. So please forward your protest mails to them too. Here are the addresses below:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Selayang Municipal Council Launches Barbaric Competition

Dear All,

Majlis Perbandaran Selayang has openly called for a witch hunt on all stray dogs at its website at
To add insult to injury they are also offering RM15,000 as first prize for capturing alive, presumably for the most number of dogs followed by equally lucrative second and third prizes.

I suppose in this free for all blood sport, maiming, injuring, using any sort of weapon is perfectly fine as long as the dog is still breathing and photographed for "auditing" purposes.

They might as well hand out clubs, batons, metal chains and encourage participants to smear their faces with the blood of these dogs as this country has surely slipped into the barbaric ages.

Shocking! Outrageous! Was this barbaric competition something an educated, fairly sane human being actually thought of? Wow! If this is the yardstick of the intelligence of a government official, I seriously dread the future of Malaysia.

I appeal to the Malaysian public to please bombard the newsdesk of the Media with emails and phone calls expressing disgust at this outrage. Below are the email addresses you can write to. Please don't forget to include your full name, email and mailing address and telephone numbers

RSC Letter Published In The NST Today

Dear All,

RSC sent a letter of protest on the cruel export of macaques abroad by the Malaysian government. This letter was published in the NST today. You may read it at this link