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Monday, March 19, 2007

Japanese Whaling Ship Dogged By Calamity

You would all remember watching little Martina's heart-rending video on RSC appealing to the Captain of the Nisshin Maru whaling ship to turn back and leave the whales alone.

It is moving to listen to this child appeal to the Captain not to turn the blue seas into bloody red with the blood of these majestic whales. If you haven't seen the video click here:

RSC is glad to report the Nisshin Maru turned back in February this year - not because of this little girl's plea but due to many problems such as fire breaking out on the ship and the ship was powerless to move in icy Antartic waters for a week. One crew member died in the fire. It was forced to return to Japan killing half its intended catch of whales.

Be A Responsible Consumer and Choose Cruelty-Free Brands

Below is a very important message from Lynette Lim RSC would like to share with all of you. This is an extract of her letter to RSC. Please take heed to what she is saying. If you are not sure if a company is selling cruelty-free products go to the link she has listed. Just type the name of the company and the answer will be given to you.
Can anything you buy possibly be worth the suffering this poor monkey (above) and cat (below) had to undergo?

"As usual I was doing research on my favorite cause (animal rights, duh!) and I came across some lists of companies that DO test their products on animals and some that DON'T. Now, admittedly a lot of these vegan/organic/cruelty free products and brands are not available in Malaysia but I have found some that are. They are reasonably priced and easily available in any department store or guardian pharmacy. Don't spend your hard-earned money on animal testing. It's cruel and disgusting and it just takes a little effort to go cruelty free. Please refer to the attached lists for specifics. Alternatively, you can click on the following link to get to a website that allows you to search by company and product. You'll find that most cosmetic giants are the worst culprits.

In Malaysia the following cruelty-free brands are easy to find:

Aramis, Aveda, Avon, Bobbi Brown, The Body Shop, Chanel, Clarins, Clinique, Crabtree & Evelyn, Dermalogica, Donna Karan Beauty Company (DKNY), Estee Lauder, Eucerin, Hello Kitty, Paul Mitchell, La Mer, La Prairie, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Murad, The Natural Source, Neutrogena, Nivea, Nu Skin, O.P.I., Origins, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Revlon, Staedtler, Stila Cosmetics, Ted Baker Fragrance, Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Decay, Victoria's Secret, The Wella Corporation (Sebastian), Alberto Culver VO5, St. Ives, Simple, Stuf. "
--- Courtesy of Lynette Lim

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amid The Elephant Starved By A Theme Park

RSC's letter on Amid, the elephant kept starving at a theme park in Malaysia is out in the STAR newspaper. Click on link below to read:

Please note the follow up story by STAR on Amid informing us of the latest news that Sime Darby has adopted Amid who will continue living at the zoo. RSC continues to call for zoos to be replaced by animal sanctuaries. At sanctuaries animals are allowed to roam free and not subject to chains or cages and be forced to give people rides and be poked and prodded by grinning tourists all wanting to take their photos with the animals.

RSC has received numerous complaints about atrocities that are going on in zoos all over Malaysia including an anonymous detailed report of the horrific things happening behind close doors at a well known zoo in Malaysia.

We can only lift Amid up into God's hands and pledge to pray unceasingly for him and all the animals of the world.

While we thank Sime Darby for their efforts, we pray that Sime Darby will also be more pro-active and write strong letters to the Press about the incompetence of Perhilitan (Department of Wildlife) in Malaysia and demand that they take legal action against this theme park that has abused Amid.
Till today Perhilitan has not disclosed the legal action, if any, to be taken against this theme park. There are many other theme parks in Malaysia abusing animals and forcing them to do shows etc.

But unless Perhilitan does something about this it will be business as usual for the theme parks because in this Bolehland no one gets penalised for abusing animals right?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Malaysian Theme Parks Abusing Animals

Below is an article that appeared in the STAR today. This is why RSC has been repeatedly calling on Perhilitan to crack down on theme parks that abuse animals. (See our blog entry below on D-Paradise Resort in Alor Gajah and our other entry on A'Famosa in Melaka.)

Also notice that no where in the story does it say that Perhilitan took any legal action against the management of the theme park or why they are allowing them to continue to operate. If this calf was treated badly are the other animals at the theme park going to fare better?

I guess Perhilitan needs to meet their rescue quota once in awhile so they can look good for the cameras and Press. After all, they have to justify why tax payers money need to be spent on keeping Perhilitan in operation.

Naturally RSC wrote to the Press today about Amid's story below.

THE STAR, Thursday March 1, 2007


MALACCA: Amid was a neglected, malnourished three-month-old elephant calf tied up cruelly at a theme park when he was rescued earlier this month.

Now, he has several caretakers at the zoo here who take turns feeding him milk, bread, oatmeal and glucose drinks many times a day. But it will take a year, at least, to get him back to normal.
Doing better: Zookeeper Hamdan Kamaruddin feeding Amid at the Malacca Zoo quarantine area on Wednesday. The calf’s shoulder blade can be seen clearly.“He's very much underweight compared to a normal elephant calf,” Malacca Zoo director Mohd Nawayai Yasak told The Star yesterday.

“We have put him under a treatment plan, which basically consists of multi-vitamins, to help increase his appetite to make up for the weight loss and this is likely to take up to one year.

Amid was a heart wrenching sight with his vertebrate jutting out and the clear outline of his ribcage showing under his hide.

In early February, the Wildlife Department confiscated the male calf from a theme park and handed him to the zoo.

“We do not know exactly what happened, but we believe that the herd of elephants which Amid belonged too was trying to cross a river to escape a flood when it was left behind.

“The currents were probably too strong for it to cross and the mother had to leave him behind. Such a scenario – a mother elephant leaving behind its calf – is rare,” said Mohd Nawayai.

He said the calf was most likely captured and later sold to the theme park, adding that the captors probably did not know how to tie the elephant, resulting in its neck being hurt.

He believes Amid’s mother is still alive because there had been no report of dead elephants or their carcasses.

Amid, who takes a bath twice a day, is the eighth elephant to join seven others at the zoo, including the three “performers”– Mahkota, Noni and Teh.

Amid is the second elephant calf sent to the Malacca Zoo after being seized. Rio was rescued by wildlife officers and sent to the zoo in March 2004.