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Saturday, January 17, 2009


These are not pretty pictures, but I decided to publish them because I know Yen and as hard as it must seem for us to see this, it must have been ten times as hard for Yen to take these photos.

Yen and her friends are independent animal rescuers. Please heed her letter below. I can sense her deep anger and heart break in writing this letter, but it is a message that has to be impressed and impressed and impressed on the Malaysian public:


Letter below written by Yen and Molly

The pictures enclosed are a reminder to us who owns and wish to own dogs or cats. Crating them is a safe way but not if the cage is damaged or bent. This puppy got his head stuck at the top of his cage and broke his neck and died.

He was left unattended for long hours. When we tell ourselves that we want to own a pet, ensure that we have time for them. Ensure that any area we put them in is a safe place.

To replace a damaged cage may cost money but would you stay in a damaged house that may endanger yourself? Think of the pet as how you would place yourself in....ask yourself questions and answer sincerely how much you would do for your pet if you own one.

It is always fun and nice to see other people's pets and wished to own one.... please remember that the people who owned those pets and their pets are in great condition, the owner have invested not only love but time and money. They regarded their pets as their friends and family. This is one an example of a neglected pet that ends up dead. I have seen pets legs broken, jaw dislocated and eye hurt when kept in damaged cages.

If you have a small puppy or kitten or cat, please ensure that the bottom of the cage is covered with kennel board so that their legs cannot get stuck in them. Make sure that the doors do not have gaps so that they cannot push their head through. Make sure that the top of the cage is not bent or have a gap, cos the animals may get curious ( maybe seeing a bird perch on top of their cage or a fly flying around the top ) and jumped up and got his head pushed through that gap.

If you don't have time for yourself, please do not own a pet. Visit friends who have pets and play with their pets instead. Or volunteer in any animal shelters or rescuers homes.

Thank you.
Molly & Yen

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Cover Page Stories In The Star Weekender

I had two cover page stories in the STAR WEEKENDER last December 2008. Whoopee! You can check them out by clicking on these links here:

Am going to be quite busy this January to submit anything to STAR as am working on other writing projects and my Christian magazine, AGAPE is also due out in February.

Keep up the good work for animals everyone and hope to see 2009 a better year for all Malaysians including its four-legged, furry and feathered citizens!

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Hugely Successful Event At Sid's Pub

Blessed Christmas and New Year to all of you!

Just wanted to update everyone that we not only had a fantastic time at Sid's Pub on Dec 13, we also met our target to raise the full sum we needed to give Furry Friends Farm a 6 month's supply of dog food. Praise God!

Here is an awesome couple who generously bought tickets on the day although they had come to the pub not knowing of the event. They also adopted a puppy from Furry Friends Farm and named him Romeo.

In pix below is Gloria who came with her dog Goldie. She is the one in blue and Goldie is all dressed up right down to the tiara on her head. We were rooting for her to win best dressed but in the end the two Jack Russels who were dressed as Santa and Santarina won the Best Dressed. They belong to Novita Solihin and Lokman who so kindly donated their prize to Goldie. There was no denying and spirit of love and sharing in the air!

Sharifah Fauziah Alsree, the main organizer of the event and beside her is the cute guy she is trying to auction off for a date for charity. And the pix further below is the lucky lady to 'win' him. In case you are wondering why his shirt is unbuttoned the ladies decided to get naughty and upped the bid by another RM50 if he took his shirt off. Heh heh. That is as far as he got which is just as well cos it was a very respectable and family event. :) And just for the record it was a group dinner for all the bidders and dates at a French chef's restaurant.

The Caucasion guy behind Fauziah is another date for auction and we must say crowd were extremely sporting in bidding huge amounts of money simply to give to charity.

Denise Pang who won the date with the Caucasion gave up her date saying it was only for fun and main goal was to raise as much money for food for the dogs at the shelter.

After all that teasing with the extra RM50 to make this poor guy sweat, the plucky lady on the right also said she would be sending a friend on the date as her proxy. Heh heh. It was all just for fun-lah.

Behind Gloria and friends, in the orange t-shirt is Adam MacKenzie from 8TV the fiance of Edleen Ismail, ESPN Malaysia's host. This lovely couple dropped by with their gorgeous dogs Coffee and Cookie. What's more, Edleen is a fan of RSC. How about that?

Below is Sabrina, the proprietor of FFF and K.C. former host of an entertainment programme on NTV7.

Furry Friends Farm also kindly donated some of the dog food they received to Independent Rescuers in the true spirit of sharing. Independent rescuers are ordinary people who rescue strays, homeless and abused animals and rehome them.

They often feed and provide medical assistance for these animals out of their own pockets and do not get donations from other NGOs, govt or public. They have mushroomed all over Malaysia because the bodies that are set up by the govt such as the municipal councils, the Department of Veterinary Services are all doing such a poor job in the humane treatment of animals especially strays and no regulations on pet shops or breeders or pet dumping.

Pix above: The guy in the white shirt is Geoffrey Siddle, owner of Sid's pub. This sweet little girl holding her dog in this next pix is Geoff's daughter. Behind her in the background are Sabrina and KC.

Compliments to Fauziah for a fantastic show and to Jojo boy and Sabrina for spending hours each weekend selling tickets at Sid's. To all of you who participated, bought tickets, sponsored prizes, brought friends, bought tickets for friends, bid on the auctions, you are the reason a whole bunch of homeless dogs are eating well today.

Thanks for spreading the true cheer and spirit of giving last Christmas of 2008!

To the right, pix of Edleen Ismail and Furry Friends Farm ambassador, Jojo. Jojo has only three legs, his fourth having been run over by a car and had to be amputated.

Below is pix of my husband Joshua, with our dear friends, Denise Pang and Ravi who bought a whole bunch of tickets and bid on the auction! Many, many people out there whose pix and names are not here but who contributed no less to the effort to making this a success.

Thank you guys and last but not least, THANK YOU GEOFF SIDDLE for graciously providing free flow of snacks and a free drink and allowing your premises to be used for this worthy cause. And thank you Mr. Logan, the manager of Sid's for the superb service. You truly are a pro!

Do drop by Sid's Pub guys for a meal, drinks and a good time with friends. It has a great menu, ambiance and what's more you can even bring your dog. I've written a story on Sid's in the STAR newspaper. Look at the post above for the link.