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Monday, January 29, 2007

Where Do Your Eggs Come From?

I don't know if any of you know that in this day and age of fast this or instant that, our eggs are being obtained through extreme cruelty to hens.

As we announced earlier please do not eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken. To know why go to the top right hand corner, type the word 'Kentucky' and then click on Search blog and you will see RSC's entry on KFC.

Also do a search on 'battery hens' and learn of the shocking revelation of what an egg farm is really like. Gone are the idyllic days of when I used to go to the barn with a basket to pick up brown eggs from the hay while the mother hen was roaming about freely in my grandmother's backyard.

Today battery hens have never seen sunlight and their claws and feet are deformed from years of living in wire cages. Click on this link to read more about battery hens

For that reason RSC would like to inform you of a place in Kuala Lumpur where you can buy free range eggs. Buy it from Spice House or Syarikat MA Palaniandy Pillay, Jalan Tun Sambanthan Brickfields (next to Sing Kee restaurant). Great place for vegetarians too as they have a lot of vegetarian items sometimes not found elsewhere. It is not technically a vegetarian store but as many practising Hindus are vegetarians this shop caters to them I believe and has a good range for those of us who are particular how our food is derived.

I have been told the eggs from this store are from 'kampung' chickens that roam free. You have to ask for them though as they have the mass produced (I'm guessing battery hen eggs too)

Nick from Humane Society is working hard at trying to set up an accreditation board to get approval for special certificates to label meat and eggs as certified humanely derived. He is himself a vegetarian but accepts that if people must eat meat then at least let them insist on buying only from butchers or slaughter houses where the animals are humanely looked after and culled.

Click on this link to learn more about Humane Society's Certification:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

RSC Letter and Humane Society Feature In Malaysiakini

I've had an article published in Malaysiakini on January 19, 2007. It talks of my concern about a British couple writing a guidebook on places of interest in Perak as part of Visit Malaysia 2007. Click on the link below to read:

You may read Nick J Karean's article entitled What you should know about colorectal cancer which is caused by consuming, beef, chicken and other animal foods. Click on this link to read:

An Inspiring Story From Colombia

I posted this story below because it shows how an ordinary teacher can do so much for animals simply by putting her mind to it. RSC, Furry Friends Farm and Humane Society are all made up of ordinary Malaysians too. We want you to see that you can make a difference right where you are.

Colombian nurses animals back to health

By INALDO PEREZ, Associated Press Writer Sun Jan 7, 10:07 PM ET

CALI, Colombia - Through the bars of his cage, an African lion named Jupiter stretches his giant paws around the neck of Ana Julia Torres and plants a kiss on her puckered lips.

It could be a kiss of gratitude: Since Jupiter was rescued six years ago from a life of abuse and malnutrition in a traveling circus, Torres has fed and nursed him back to health at her Villa Lorena shelter for injured and mistreated animals.

"Here we have animals that are lame, missing limbs, blind, cross-eyed, disabled," said Torres, 47, who relies on donations and her own modest teacher's salary to run the shelter in a poor neighborhood in the southern city of Cali. "They come to us malnourished, wounded, burned, stabbed, with gunshots."

Torres said her work rehabilitating animals began more than a decade ago when a friend gave her an owl that had been kept as a pet. Later, when she asked her students to bring their pets to school, she realized many families illegally kept wild fauna from Colombia's biologically diverse jungles in their homes.

The number of animals under her care grew, and today Jupiter is among 800 recovering creatures at Villa Lorena — from burned peacocks and limbless flamencos to blind monkeys and mutilated elephants.

Most of the animals are caged, though some, like iguanas, roam freely around the impeccably clean grounds enclosed by a 13-foot wall. Inside is a monument that the state governor dedicated in recognition of Torres' work.

Torres said many of the animals were rejected as infants by their parents in the wild or found abandoned on the streets of Cali, a city of 2 million.
Others were rescued from cruel treatment by owners. One mountain lion kept illegally as a pet had its two front legs cut off by its owner after it clawed a family member's face.

Torres said that of all the animals she has cared for, she is proudest of having rescued Yeyo, a now-deceased spider monkey who had suffered violent, drunken beatings at the hands of an alcoholic owner.

"The monkey would scream every time it was beaten, until one day the police came and found the wall covered in blood," she said.

Two veterinarians saved Yeyo from death, though it lost an eye and its teeth from the abuse. Yeyo remained terrified of people, cowering in the corner of the cage at the sound of footsteps, she said.

Torres said she opposes exhibiting animals in circuses and has therefore kept her shelter closed to the public.

"We want the animals to live in peace," Torres said. "All their life they were shown at circuses and shows — this is a paradise where they can finally rest."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Joy's Birthday Bash on Saturday, January 20

Many of you have enquired about Joy and we are glad to report, by the Grace of God, he is doing fine. He has put on weight and eating well.

Furry Friends Farm also want to explain that the vets did look into making an artificial jaw for Joy but decided against it because it would have been uncomfortable or possibly even painful at first.

Their main concern in the early stages was for Joy to eat. The first few days were critical. He was only skin and bones when first rescued and coupled with the trauma of the attack and surgery there were fears he would not eat or respond to medication. Fortunately Joy's recovery was marvellous.

The healing of his tongue was a miracle. It was full of lumps, clots and lacerations the doctors feared they would have to remove that too. But the tongue miraculously healed itself without them having to do anything.

Those of you who are not familiar with Joy's story, may read about him in the Star newspaper. Here are the online links:

RSC and FFF thanks all of you for your prayers. God loves all His creatures - big and small. This is a picture of Joy. He is having a marvellous time alternating between the Farm and a family that loves to have him over often. Joy is quite the "star" now after some visits to the schools where children were moved by his story.

People need not worry that he is tired out by appearances because Joy also gets plenty of rest and leisure time. If you look at the photo, his lower molars are all intact. He has lost the lower front teeth where the jaw was removed.

Joy is having a birthday bash on Saturday, January 20, 2006 at Pusat Penjaja Jinjang Utara, Jalan Jinjang, 52000 Kuala Lumpur. It is sponsored by Madam Lucia Foo the hawker centre's Managing Director. Sketches of Joy done by a professional artiste with the messages LOVE HEALS and LOVE CONQUERS will be unveiled at the party. These sketches will be on children's pencil cases, among other things. Write to if you need directions.

FFF would like to thank all of you who sent in donations for Joy and the Farm. There are a couple of cheques written with the name "POEZEN BOOT" as two separate words. Unfortunately FFF can't bank in these cheques because the name has to be spelt as ONE word. If you can resend with the correct name, would be grateful. Otherwise just come to the party and you can make a donation there or bring a gift of pet food, etc.

Those who have already donated please come and see for yourself Joy's progress. Your letters, donations and prayers have been the result of why she and FFF is doing so well.


Friday, January 05, 2007

If You Are Upset Over The Poor Treatment of Baby Elephant Mardos Please Help Us Write Letters

I refer to our blog below entitled Why Does The Wildlife Department Need To Skin The Carcass Of Baby Mardos? dated December 30, 2006 (Earlier Blog). If you want to help ensure Kuala Gandah (sorry I can't bring myself to call this ugly place a sanctuary) does not continue to abuse elephants, please help by writing letters demanding answers to the questions RSC raised from No. 1 - 4 in the Earlier Blog.

You may even send a one paragraph letter if you don't have much time on your hands. What we need is quantity and not quality. So don't worry about using flowery language. Just get your point across briefly or if you have the time, feel free to pour your heart out in your letter.

If the people reading it have a conscience your words will pierce their hearts.

Kindly send your letters to :

Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi
Prime Minister’s Office Malaysia

YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Bernard Giluk Dompok
Minister of the Public Complaints Bureau

The Malay Mail and Weekend Mail
News e-mail:
Hotline e-mail:

The Star Newspaper

New Straits Times


Jane Goodall Institute
Bill Johnston

Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warrior

WSPA-World Society for the Protection of Animals

Your voice counts, and together we can make a difference.

To read our international friends comments on Mardos' plight go to CARE2's link at:

Latest In The News

To read a feature story on Joy, the dog that was beaten by Indonesian workers kindly go to:

Malaysia recently passed the Animal Act 2006 to replace the Animal Ordinance 1956. And the shocking news is that not a single provision of the old pre-Merdeka 1956 Ordinance was changed despite public outcry that the Ordinance did little to protect animals. To read more go to:

To read Nick Josh Karean's lead letter in the NST complete with photo of Sheena the German Shepherd go to:

Please don't forget. If you want to help Joy and other abused animals like her, please help the Furry Friends Farm that is leading the way in education and rescue efforts. Kindly read blog below entitled Can You Help The Furry Friends Farm. Joy was rescued by managing partner of Furry Friends Farm, Sabrina Yeap and has now been adopted by the Farm. Other than fulfilling FFF's Wish List in the blog you may also send a donation to : POEZENBOOT SDN BHD
AND POST to PetFirst Veterinary Centre, No. 14 Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2, Taman Usahawan, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

RSC will soon give you an update on how Joy is doing. For now let us say she is extremely well loved and happy and as a result recovering very fast.