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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Inside Story - What Really Happened At The Meeting At Selayang MPS

Natasha Fernz member of CALM has graciously put up the story of what really happened at the meeting between Selayang MPS and various animal rights groups.

Please go to this link to read her story. You will read about:

1.How unidentified hecklers were allowed by MPS to be at the meeting.

2. One heckler attacked an animal rights supporter - a woman - and security personnel merely watched.

3. How the heckler chased after a man pushing another in a wheelchair and tried to attack him while security personnel just watched.

4. How MPS officials disgracefully made fun of disabled people.

Click on the link below:

As Natasha noted, although all the newspapers reported the Competition has been scrapped, the MPS website still advertises the competition and has made no effort made to remove posters and other advertisement in the Selayang area.

We hope the Press takes note of this. And we hope the people take note when you vote at the general elections. If you are not registered to vote, GO NOW to the nearest post office and register.


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