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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pet-n-You Dog Carnival at Central Park

RSC and Furry Friends Farm would like to thank Pet-n-You for giving FFF a booth at Central Park during their Dog Carnival on Sunday September 9, 2007. It was extremely kind of them. Please go to this link to learn more of Pet-n-You.

As a result of the booth, all the FFF puppies got adopted into loving homes. On the right are FFF volunteers hard at work speaking to people enquiring and signing up those who have adopted the puppies. FFF keeps in close contact with the families who have adopted and makes visits to ensure the dogs are well looked after.

In the little pen, you can see only one puppy left. The other two in the pen are Gideon and Joy, two of Malaysia's first Dr. Dogs. The third is Babe who is not in the photo.

Noraini, Recruiter in MixFM's Spot the Cut-Out Contest, was taken in by Joy's charms. She is seen in the photo holding Joy. Joy is the dog that was beaten up by Indonesian workers because they branded him as "haram". The beating was vicious and Joy was found by Sabrina Yeap of the FFF with his jaw dangling.
FFF's vet, PetFirst in Kepong, worked hard to ensure first that Joy would not suffer if they saved his life. When Joy showed remarkable recovery they were encouraged and today after much prayers and love by his new guardian, Paul (wearing cap in the photo)he can even eat dry food today which the vets did not expect.

I'm on the extreme left (photo above) holding Noraini's own dog, Phoebe.

Photo on the right is Julie (on the left, standing between the two children), a lady who spends a lot of time feeding strays and rescuing and rehoming dogs on her own. She does this for free out of love for them. She is particularly happy today because many of the families who adopted stray dogs from her turned up at Central Park and Julie was thrilled to see how healthy and happy the dogs are. She is in the photo with a family who adopted stray dogs from her. Please check out Julie's website at

On this day we also signed up a lot of new dogs for the Dr. Dog examination soon to be held at Pet Safari. If you missed this event and would like to sign your dog up to be a Dr. Dog, please write in to

Your dog needs to have a very good temperament and be relaxed in the company of strangers. If you think he falls in this category then write to us.


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