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Friday, September 07, 2007

Record Coverage In The Newspapers!

Thank you everyone who wrote to the newspapers. Because of you, all the newspapers gave coverage to this stupidity of the Selayang Municipal Council. In the New Straits Times there is a record number of 4 letters published on this topic. Praise be to God! Please sign the Petition too. Link given below.

(Photo on the right from NST today with the caption: Selayang residents worried for their dogs safety may well have to resort to keeping a close watch on their pets like this woman motorcyclist decided to do)

I hope everyone who is tired of this constant idiotic actions coming from government departments will please register to vote and take your protest to the ballot box.

This sort of "insane" regulations, proposals are not new in Malaysia. We have heard of Mr Eng Her Sun's dogs massacred, a dog in Ipoh stabbed with a meathook while it is still alive and carried away by Ipoh municipal council officers, our baby elephants dying out of sheer negligence, monkeys exported so they can be tortured in laboratories and in China where their brains are eaten (while they are still alive!), and corrupt people getting away constantly with no action taken against them. The list goes on and on. Enough already!

Go to any post office and register yourself to vote! If you are registered, then go to to check whether your name is on the electoral roll and where your polling station is.

It is very easy. Just key in your IC number and all the details pop up.


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