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Friday, February 02, 2007

Davina Goh's Article Wins Double Accolades

I'm sure you will all remember Davina Goh. She read Naomi's story on RSC's blog and immediately moved into action. Read Naomi's story here

On her own initiative Davina drafted a Petition to demand an investigation into Naomi's death and for extra care to be given to all the other animals at the boarding place where Naomi died. [Pix on the right of Davina holding dog with Nick from Humane Society standing over them. Pix taken at Furry Friends Farm at Kundang late last year]

Naomi was Raihana Souket Ali's beloved cat who died while under the care of the Dept of Veterinary Services, Bukit Mertajam.

Raihana told RSC no one had given food or drink to her cat for four days while her family had paid her boarding there for four days.

Depressed and devastated Raihana wrote to the DVS authorities including the head office in Putra Jaya. No one bothered to answer her.

Not until RSC helped Raihana highlight this matter in the New Straits Times and Davina's Petition garnered hundreds of signatures and public outcry resulting in Berita Harian doing a story too, did Raihana get some response from Putra Jaya.

The response - a ridiculous letter, as usual, in Bolehland that sought to shift blame rather than take responsibility to investigate DVS negligence.

At least with all the reports in the newspapers and the public sympathy DVS has been revealed for what it is and DVS knows that the public knows what happened to Naomi and it is not something they can keep hidden.

Now Davina participated in the Sun Newspaper's People's Choice Award and won not one but two awards which was the People's Choice Award and Grand Prize Award.

She said she very nearly did not enter the contest but was inspired to do so she joined RSC's trip to the Furry Friends Farm.

Davina has also donated a sizeable portion of her winnings to the Furry Friends Farm.

Please click here to read her winning entry:

Congratulations, Davina. We are proud of you!


  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger disco-very said…

    thank you so much Shoba, although i honestly don't think i deserve as much credit that you seem to have heaped on me. just like you and many others, i'm doing it because i can't stand ignorance! :P

    for those who are interested, the article was published in The Sun on 26th February (although I didn't know about it until the day after!)

    again, thank you so much for the support. i'm glad i can turn to RSC for even more inspiration for future writings!


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