Remembering Sheena

Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Meet Us At Borders Bookstore

Sabrina Yeap from the Furry Friends Farm, Angeline Chin who recently launched her much anticipated book, Silent Cries (photo on the right) and Shoba Mano from the Remembering Sheena Campaign will be at the respective Borders Bookstore at the venues, dates and times below.

We shall be speaking about animal welfare in Malaysia and how important education is in ensuring animals are given a fair opportunity to participate in society without being used, abused, ostracized and exploited.

There are a lot more people who are part of our "work" and "efforts" who aren't one of the speakers of the day, but have done as much for animals in society.

They shall always be dearly treasured. We hope you get to meet them too.

Do drop by. We'd love to see you.

10th March @ Borders, Berjaya Times Square @ 3-4pm
17th March @ Borders, The Curve @ 3-4pm


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