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Monday, February 12, 2007

Joy's Birthday Bash Reported In The STAR

The following story appeared in the STAR newspaper dated February 2, 2007. RSC shall soon be posting details of the two contests organized to support animals as mentioned in the article below.


Happy birthday: Yeap (left) and Foo with Joy and the birthday cake.LIKE any one-year-old, Joy enjoyed the attention he received at his first birthday and gobbled up pieces of the cake that had been specially baked for him.

Joy is not a child but a stray mongrel, which was cruelly beaten up by Indonesian workers in Selayang recently.

Guests at the party, sponsored by Pusat Penjaja Jinjang Utara managing partner Lucia Foo, comprised Joy’s supporters and animal lovers of all ages.

“He’s recovering well and has been putting on weight though he has to adapt to life without a front lower jaw,” said Furry Friends Farm managing partner Sabrina Yeap, who rescued Joy in early December.

Yeap said there has been significant character change in Joy since his rescue as he can now sit and stand on his own rather than cling on to his rescuers.

“Many have asked if Joy should get an artificial jaw fixed but the veterinarian said he doesn’t need it because he adapted to his situation.”

“I decided to sponsor this party because as an animal lover, I wanted to show my support for Yeap and what she’s doing – to save and rehabilitate underprivileged animals,” said Foo, 52.

Furry Friends Farm and Malaysian Pet Groomers Association will be organising two events as part of its animal welfare community projects where Joy plays the role of ambassador.

My Favourite Furry Friend (A Dog) Children’s Art Contest 2007 is for all Malaysian children aged between nine to 12.

The Spring & Summer Collection for Furry Kids (Dogs) Fashion Design Contest is open to all Malaysians aged 17 and above.

For more details and registration, visit or call 03-6201 1102, Monday to Friday between noon and 4pm.


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