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Monday, April 07, 2008

Please Don't Buy Animals From Pet Shops. You Will Be Encouraging Puppy Mills

Hundreds of dogs suffer in puppy mills which are unscrupulous breeders only looking to make a profit. In Malaysia it is worse because the BN (Federal) Govt has no guidelines whatsoever for controlling breeders or pet shops. RSC proposed in a Memorandum to the Ministry of Housing and Local Govt to please introduce guidelines and stop pet shops from selling animals. As usual with the BN govt till today nothing has been done.

At puppy mills, dogs are prisoners of greed. They are locked in small cages which are oftentimes dirty and often with barely any food or clean water. They are treated like 'baby machines' that have no feelings like hunger, thirst, discomfort, etc.

Many of the studs and female dogs are diseased with no medical attention given. They never get out of the metal cage which will be their prison for the rest of their lives. They are bred over and over until they die.

The only way to free them from the misery of these horrid puppymills is to eliminate the demand for puppies by refusing to buy a puppy in a pet shop, night market, etc. Then you will kill their business and they have no choice but to STOP.

Instead please adopt from animal shelters and animal rescuers who tirelessly work for the welfare of animals. There are some dogs and puppies urgently looking for homes right now. They have been rescued by kind Malaysians. Please call these kind people if you can give a home to these dogs.

There isn't space to put all of the dogs photos here. Contact the respective persons to enquire about other dogs they have rescued:

For the two dogs above, call Vimala : 012 389 5154

For dogs below contact Julie : 019-388 5119 (sms only please or call after 6pm).


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