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Monday, August 06, 2007

Sign Petition To Save Sea Horses

Below is an appeal from a marine biologist to all Malaysians:

"Dear friends,

Please click on the link below.

It is a petition site for the seahorses and the ecosystem in the Pulai River Estuary in Johor, southern Peninsular Malaysia, which has been set up by my friend, Mr Choo Chee Kuang.

He is biologist who is doing research on the spotted seahorse(Hippocampus kuda) that inhabits the vast seagrass beds in the area. At present the area is under severe threat from proposed developments in the Petrochemical and Maritime Industries.

More information about this issue, the value of the seagrass beds and mangroves, and the implications of the development projects can be found on the petition website.

Additional information about the seahorse conservation project can be found at

I've personally been to the area myself and assisted with the ongoing research activities, and the seagrass beds and surrounding area are very special.

Biodiversity is high, and the seagrass and mangroves hosts all sorts of invertebrates (snails, sea cucumbers, crabs, clams, jellyfish etc), and vertebrates (fish, dugong, birds, crocs, etc). I was blown away....

Chee Kuang is working very hard to stop the impending destruction and trying to negotiate a compromise with the stakeholders. You can help him now by signing the petition. It will only take all of 2 minutes of your time and at a simple mouse click, you would have helped towards reaching the 5000 signatures target of the petition.

Thank you for your time and attention. Let's give the seahorses and the surrounding ecosystem of the Pulai River Estuary a fighting chance!!!!! And please pass the word around.

Louisa Ponnampalam


  • At 11:01 PM, Blogger Thylacine said…

    Hi Shoba,

    I really enjoy reading your blog and applaud all the efforts undertaken by yourself and the Furry Friends farm. I'm just wondering if you have come across this article in The Star -

    Do you happen to have any updates on the dog? Thanks.

  • At 7:14 AM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Yes, we are all praying for Girl. Sabrina from the Furry Friends Farm has been to the vet to see Girl because the Good Samaritan appealed for help.

    She reports that the dog is recovering very well and discussed with FFF's vet and another vet from USA about the condition of Girl and the best thing to be done for her.

    Neither FFF nor RSC want to see the dog suffer. We don't approve of any surgeries that will cause the dog unnecessary trauma, pain and suffering.

    What is most important is that the dog is made as comfortable as possible without any pain or suffering.

    Further Sabrina has indicated to Good Samaritan it would not be a good idea to force Girl to live a life in a wheelchair. The quality of life for the animal is also important.

    RSC has already written to Good Samaritan suggesting that what concerns us the most is that the animal should not suffer.

    For that reason alone RSC wrote to GS asking her to consider humanely putting Girl to sleep.

    But if FFF sees some hope through second and third opinions from sensitive vets who genuinely care about animals and not about how much money they can make from surgery, then RSC won't stand in the way of any efforts to help Girl carry on her life - provided it is a quality of life she will enjoy.

  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger googler boogler said…

    Hi Shoba,

    I have emailed this situation (the Selayang fiasco) to the Humane Society International in Asia, USA, Australia and Europe. I hope this will be highlighted in the international community.

    You can ask your readers to write to them. Their emails:,,,
    (Asia. USA. Australia and Europe)

    This was my message to them:
    I was watching the channel "Animal Planet" on TV and saw the show on your efforts to catch strays in
    Thailand after the devastating tsunami (spay / neuter and release). I thought that was brilliant. (That part in the show after you rescued those dogs and they tried to follow you home but you all had to leave them behind... that struck me) But now, my country - in a certain council - they are suggesting a lucrative reward for ordinary citizens to catch strays. Could you help and suggest to them that this is NOT a good idea? You, as an international welfare organization, maybe they will listen if they are too stuborn to listen to our local animal rights groups. I hope you can help in some way - a letter even maybe.

    thanks for considering this request.

    The article for this can be seen in our local online
    newspaper at:


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