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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News Update

Here are the following news update:

1. Thanks to all those who signed the Petition calling on NFL to take action against Michael Vick for the torture and killing of countless dogs through his illegal dog fighting racket. This evil man has now pleaded guilty to this heinous crime.

2. My letter on the shooting of squirrels appeared in the NST. Kindly click on this link to read:

3. Sabrina Yeap Founder of the Furry Friends Farm has ventured on a project to get communities to get involved in spaying the cats and dogs within their own community and then release them back into the same community. The people who live in this community will sponsor the project. Read about this amazing breakthrough by an animal welfare organization in the STAR WEEKENDER page 12 called Community Cat Project - a story by Ellen Whyte in her column called Katz Tales.


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