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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amid The Elephant Starved By A Theme Park

RSC's letter on Amid, the elephant kept starving at a theme park in Malaysia is out in the STAR newspaper. Click on link below to read:

Please note the follow up story by STAR on Amid informing us of the latest news that Sime Darby has adopted Amid who will continue living at the zoo. RSC continues to call for zoos to be replaced by animal sanctuaries. At sanctuaries animals are allowed to roam free and not subject to chains or cages and be forced to give people rides and be poked and prodded by grinning tourists all wanting to take their photos with the animals.

RSC has received numerous complaints about atrocities that are going on in zoos all over Malaysia including an anonymous detailed report of the horrific things happening behind close doors at a well known zoo in Malaysia.

We can only lift Amid up into God's hands and pledge to pray unceasingly for him and all the animals of the world.

While we thank Sime Darby for their efforts, we pray that Sime Darby will also be more pro-active and write strong letters to the Press about the incompetence of Perhilitan (Department of Wildlife) in Malaysia and demand that they take legal action against this theme park that has abused Amid.
Till today Perhilitan has not disclosed the legal action, if any, to be taken against this theme park. There are many other theme parks in Malaysia abusing animals and forcing them to do shows etc.

But unless Perhilitan does something about this it will be business as usual for the theme parks because in this Bolehland no one gets penalised for abusing animals right?