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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FFF WAD Celebrations At Bangsar Village

Oops forgot to update you on FFF's World Animal Day (WAD) celebrations at Bangsar Village. It was a HUGE success. We started the very first Dog Walk the country has seen and at least 70 dogs took part. We had media turn-out from five major Chinese dailies and the STAR and New Straits Times with two full page coverage with photos in the NST.

People arrived as early as 8 am to register their dogs. They came in all colours, shapes and sizes - all excited to take to the streets to do their part for World Animal Day to remind all Malaysians that they are a part of society too and to take their rights and interests into consideration in all that we do.

The Remembering Sheena Campaign and played a big part in helping Furry Friends Farm organize this event. We are especially proud that our entire event was all animal welfare education instead of just a row of stalls selling pet food and products for animals and an adoption booth.

This Dog Walk was part of Animals Asia Foundation’s World Animal Day celebrations.

We are very proud that our very own Malaysian dogs walked in solidarity with their counterparts in 7 countries in the world where Animals Asia Foundation runs the Dr. Dog Programme.

AAF sent us green scarves with the WAD logo on it for all the dogs participating in the Dog Walk in these 7 countries and our Malaysian dogs wore the scarves with great pride. It was fun to watch their guardians being very creative with all the different ways they tied the scarves on their dogs.

These scarves were flown in to us all the way from Hong Kong. How cool is that?

We had a Children's Art Competition with first, second and third prizes sponsored hi-tea family buffets courtesy of Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The kids were required to draw the Furry Friends Farm dogs who were also there as part of the Farm's adoption drive.

Throughout the day there were videos shown on Dr. Eddie, Jill Robinson's Dr. Dog and Animals Asia Foundation's special video on how the Dr. Dog got started and why it is a huge success around the globe today.

People registered themselves for the next Dr. Dog exam in November after Sabrina Yeap gave a talk on Furry Friends Farm’s Dr. Dog programme and to support. WAD 2008 celebrations coincided with Furry Friends Farm's
2nd year anniversary. So we had a lovely cake cutting ceremony too.

There were other videos shown of the wildlife and saving our rainforests and why it is so important to do so.

Other activities held included dog grooming, a demonstration of the Dr Dog examination procedure, samak soap demonstration for Muslims to know there is now available on the market a soap to cleanse themselves according to Islamic laws after coming in contact with a dog. The soap, marketed by Tahara Global (M) Sdn Bhd, is prepared under strict Islamic guidelines

There was also a cat adoption programme by Petfinder while music was in the air through the fluid fingers of violinist, Dennis Lau, who performed Prelude, an original composition from his upcoming album.

Dennis himself rescued a stray female dog and her puppies that worked together with Furry Friends Farm to re-home all of them.

We focused our whole day on educating the public on how to respect and love animals.

What is the point of inviting Department of Veterinary Services and Municipal Council to have booths as some shelters did at their WAD celebrations?

They don't contribute anything. In fact staff of these governmental bodies need to be sent for training on how to treat animals right and some I think even need psychiatric help.

Read the horrific story below on how dog catchers beat and forced this poor dog to go through the narrow bars of a gate that part of its face and ear had been scraped off.

Well it was a long day and some of us adjourned to our favourite watering holes for a drink. And where else would we go but to a dog-friendly pub in the vicinity.

So while we had our pints and our kids their fruit juices and our dogs...hmm...our dogs their rest and maybe a frankfurter or two and cool water and some shade. As you can see many of our furry babies were exhausted and asleep around us.


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