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Friday, October 31, 2008

Choose Your Vet Carefully

Please read carefully, Yen's warning below. To learn more or adopt a pet write to Yen at

"Dear All,

My friends and I have recently adopted 3 JRT pups. There were 7 in the litter. Prior to putting them up for adoption, the owners brought the pups to Animal Medical Centre vet to be vaccinated. As the owners were not very experience, they were con by the vet.

Look what we found. The pictures are attached. The pups were given expired vaccination. Considering it is their first jab, this is so dangerous.

For all we know, it could have endangered the lives of the pups. This is really an irresponsible vet. I would like to make this known so that everyone who reads this forum will be more careful about how they choose their vets for the sake of their beloved pets.

I do not want anyone else to fall prey to this money minded doctor who is clearly just out for money and could not careless for their patients (Our furkids). They have an unfair advantage as our furkids cant talk and tell us what is happening.

Lucky for the pups, we have another trust worthy vet we consulted. As advised by our trustworthy vet, the expired vaccination will not harm the pups but it is now deemed worthless and does nothing for the pups. We will have to go for another additional vaccination to replace the expired one.

Pic 1 - The medical cards of our pups.
Pic 2 - Look at the dates of suggested vaccinations. It is rediculous. Vaccinations are suppose to be given within 30 days interval. All vets knows that. However, this vet is suggesting 21 days for the 2 Vac and 13 days for the 2nd Vac. And parvo test is suggested after vaccination completed? Does vaccination not mean that the pups are supposed to be protected against parvo?

Pic 3 - Look at how the stickers for the vaccination were deliberately sticked onto the book. Noticed the 2nd sticker is covering the 1st. The vet is deliberately trying to deceive the owners and hoping that the owner does not check the stickers. Unlucky for the screwed up vet, we did check.
Pic 4 - Vaccine expired on 13 June 08 while vaccination was given on 25 June 08. Con job!!

Pic 5 - A closer look at the expired vaccination label. Look at the dates. No wonder the doc wants us to go back for a parvo test. They used expired products.
Pic 6 - A closer look. Look at how the other label was purposely stuck on top of the expired label.
Pic 7 - And finally you can see the name on the card is Dr. Siva.

Please help pass the word around to protect all our pets."

From Cheah Siew Yen
Independent Animal Rescuer


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