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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How Should Any Decent Human Being Vote On March 8

Below is a letter from an RSC Supporter and RSC's reply to it:

Sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you know of any opposition party or person strongly into Animal protection and environments protection I can be sure what i vote this saturday.

Vimala Palayam

RSC's reply to Vimala:

Hi Vimala,
Thank you for exercising wisdom this coming election as it is a most crucial one and said to be the dirtiest the BN is playing because the is still no fair play with dead people still on the electoral role. My neighbour has never registered but when she checked online her name is listed as eligible to vote in Nibong Tebal, children as young as 10 are on the electoral role and usually phantom voters will come in their place to vote. This is how it works according to BERSIH a coalition of 60 NGOs alleging that the Malaysian elections are rigged.

How to vote
Firstly, you must remember that there is a consensus between ALL Opposition parties (DAP, Keadilan and PAS) to work together to end the rampant corruption, lies, muzzling of the media, tampering with supposedly free and fair establishments such as the judiciary, the police, etc. to enrich only a few people at the top and silence and suppress Malaysians who dare to seek the truth through laws such as the ISA.

So for that reason alone you MUST vote for the Opposition as they have worked out all their differences to form a pact to ensure that in almost all the places there are one to one fights with BN. Please do not trust "independents". They could be people "planted" there by BN. These people may say they are "Hindraf" sympathisers or independent but don't believe them. Our advice to EVERYONE is vote ANY OF THE OPPOSITION PARTIES FROM DAP, KEADILAN OR PAS BUT NOT BARISAN NATIONAL.

Barisan National's Track Record On Animal Welfare and Protection of the Environment

Remember the BN is the party that has a terrible track record on animal rights and environmental protection. Most of the green in Sabah and Sarawak has gone because of the greed of BN politicians working with timber tycoons. Lee Hwa Beng is also now said to be trying to steal the last green lung in Subang Jaya where I live. Read posts at on how there is even an alleged murder of Penan leader and two other Penans gone missing for standing up for protection of the environment.

Don't forget the treatment of all our municipal council officers toward dogs and yes even cats. The cruel way they round up strays and how there is absolutely no shelter or any sort of humane plan by the government for the welfare of animals. Kind-hearted Malaysians have no choice but to pick up strays, fork out their own money to foster and adopt and spay and neuter because the BN GOVT DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN! It only cares about mega projects which will enrich only certain people and never the rakyat (which includes Malaysian animals).

Don't forget Belum Temenggor forest, a 130 million year forest being wiped out by the BN govt. When conservationists pointed out to the BN govt that the country can earn a revenue of RM1 billion a year indefinitely by preserving Belum Temenggor for eco-tourism instead of the RM34 million they get a year now from logging, the BN govt still chose to log.

There will be nothing to log after 20 years and no revenue for Malaysia, whereas conservation can bring in the country RM1 billion perpetually. So you tell me what is the logic behind choosing the second option and not the conservation option, if it is not just to enrich some people. BN's idea of eco-tourism is allowing holiday resorts to force wildlife to perform tricks for tourists. Following his a baby elephant was almost starved to death by one resort in Melaka and even when this was reported in the media Perhilitan never took action against this resort.

Look at the earlier post on the blog how an NGO has alleged that the Minister of Environment himself is seeking to benefit personally from selling our monkeys to a cruel death through a company that belongs to him. Personally, I think the darkest pits of hell are reserved for such people who take advantage of the helpless when they are entrusted with the role to protect them.

Will you read about all these things in the mainstream media? NO! One can write an entire encyclopedia of the massive corruption, greed, lies and absolute destruction of our beloved country by the BN govt of everything decent and beautiful about Malaysia.