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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hedgehogs Suffering At Carrefour

RSC's letter published in MalaysiaKini below on Feb 6 this year:

I refer to the letter Hedgehogs suffering at Carrefour.

For all those like Soraya, who witness such cruelty and exploitation of animals, I encourage you to please:

1. Ask to see the store manager right away and inform him that you are a customer and disgusted with them being cruel to animals this way. Tell them that you are going to write a letter to their head office and media to complain.

2. Ask for the e-mail addresses of the head office in Malaysia and overseas and write a strong letter against the company that is abusing the animals. Copy your letter to all media. It helps to show the media that there are people out there who feel strongly against animal abuse.

3. Copy also your letter to Peta (People's Ethical Treatment of Animals). Peta will send a letter to Carrefour. They are very faithful in doing this and very efficient. For e-mail addresses, see here.

4. Once your letter has come out in Malaysiakini, send a copy as a follow-up to the manager to whom you complained, the company’s Public Relations Department and its head office.

Don't bother complaining to the Wildlife Department or the Veterinary Services Department (VSD). This is Bolehland where our former PM is now suddenly suffering from amnesia when called to account all his past misdeeds, ‘judge-fixing’ and corruption before a royal commission.

Unless we throw out this Barisan Nasional government in the coming elections, don't count on any of these governmental bodies set up to look after animals to pay any attention to your complaints even though its their job to act on complaints.

During an official meeting with 30 animal welfare activists at the Housing and Local Government Ministry in February 2006, I asked why the VSD never responded to pleas from Sheena's neighbour to save her.

Sheena was an Alsatian kept starving and tied up by a cruel engineer. Sheena's neighbour tried to feed the dog. Her pathetic photo after her death was splayed all over the newspapers, breaking people's hearts.

The VSD representative there was livid with anger and called the newspapers ‘liars’. But then I recounted my own experience with the VSD. A senior enforcement officer had told me they ‘had no time to deal with such complaints as they had other more important things to do’.

Caught red-handed, the VSD representative at the meeting could not answer except say that the enforcement officer was right and he began mumbling some things. I concluded with disgust then that despite there being laws in the country that the VSD should act upon a complaint of animal abuse, they are now blatantly saying in the presence of 30 over people that they can't be bothered to do anything. Such is the arrogance of the Barisan Nasional government.

What's more, I received a phone call on my handphone from this senior enforcement officer at (I don't know how he obtained my number) threatening me to be quiet. I lodged a police report and wrote letters to the Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry. Until today, I've never received a reply from any of these government ministries.

So don't count on the government doing anything to help animals or lost children or the elderly or the disabled or the weakest in society. They are too busy raping our forests for the big bucks from timber, too busy hiding scandals, too busy with all their corrupt activities to bother actually running the country for the good of the country and its people and animals.

Please vote for the opposition in the coming elections. It does not matter what symbol you tick as long as it is not BN’s. Even if it is a Chair, Table, Tree or Lamp-post symbol, just tick ! Any of them would be better than the government we have now.

People must understand that a change in leadership is healthy for a democracy. That is why the US president can’t stay longer than two terms. Only in Malaysia do you have old cronies and their children still clutching on to their lucrative positions - this because the ‘rakyat’ have been made blind, deaf and dumb through the mainstream media which is a puppet on a string.


  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger Tantech said…

    Anwar Ibrahim is a good tool for Abdullah Badawi

    Ah Tan

    When will be the General Election? Only the Prime Minister knows. You know the guessing game has been going on for one year. What were the Member of Parliament and State Assembly-men and women being voted for? Nothing but wasting the tax-payers’ money! Each term of Parliament is 5 years, but in actual fact it always lasted for four years only. That is, these representatives would work for 3 years and will spend the 4th year for preparing election. Worse still are those getting another salary for being a cabinet minister! They get paid while doing their campaigns.

    We should change the system for General Election. We should remove the power of the PM from dissolving the Parliament. The term should complete for the full five years. Unless there is an emergency in between, the king would not endorse for dissolving of the Parliament.

    The disadvantage is that the ruling coalition would be careful to run the country. They will never be able to call for an election to their advantage. The flaws of elections in the past have resulted in unfair elections, and subsequently resulted in a bully-government.

    But I pray that the citizen would wake up to see the flaws. It is time for a change. We see that since the Ex-PM Dr. Mahathir’s time until now, these things are getting worse each day: 1. Limited freedom of speech. Newspapers were constantly warned and some had been banned. 2. Corruption is rampant. Unfortunately only the ikan bilis (small fish) were punished. 3. Declination of the Judiciary System. It was and is never independent. 4. Out of the 27 million in population, only a minor percentage was being upheld by the government and became rich people. While these rich and mighty are driving luxury cars, living in bungalows, playing golf 3 times a week, the rest are struggling to survive.

    In conclusion, when is election? Let me guess. If I am wrong, don’t blame me, blame the flaw system. It would be April and beyond. Why? He wanted Anwar Ibrahim to be in Parliament. Because PM Abdullah Badawi could not deal with those corrupting officials around him. Anwar in Parliament would expose the sins of these people. So PM would have good excuses to axe them. Therefore Anwar is a good tool for PM. Anwar is capable to restrain the wild UMNO MPs.

  • At 4:39 PM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Forgive me, but it is just my opinion that you are wrong. The last thing BN Govt wants is for Anwar to come into power.

    This is the whole reason why the elections will be called before April as Anwar's disqualification ends by April. After April Anwar can contest.

    Anyway, this is not the issue. The point is that no government should be in power for so long. There MUST be change to ensure no corruption. Right now the BN govt is so assured of its position like you said, media is controlled, corruption is rive to the point that even when people like Zakaria Deros is exposed, nothing happens. He and his family continues to hold posts. This sort of scenario repeats itself over and over. Yet, decent, innocent people who peacefully speak up are thrown in jail under ISA.

    We the PEOPLE cannot condone such things or it will be the downfall of Malaysia - for all races as we are in this together. So please don't concern yourself if the opposition candidate is PAS, DAP or PKR. Vote for Justice! Vote for Change!

  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger Më| §zë said…

    Hey... I am not old enough to vote, but I am old enough to understand some politics that has been going on in our country, and I am not happy with what I see.
    I do not plan to vote when I am of age, but I know if I don't, they will probably take my vote as a 'YES' for them, so I'll register myself.
    I don't like Malaysian politics, never will.

  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Thank you for your comments Mei Sze. Yes, it is not now a question of whether you are interested in politics.

    It is now a question of saving Malaysia's future. Sadly, due to the controlled media in Malaysia the people don't really know the depth of corruption, lies and worse things happening. Please read Malaysia Kini and go to the sites of bloggers for the truth.

    In the meantime Mei Sze even if you are too young to vote you are not to young to volunteer to help with election campaigning. Please call any of the Opposition Parties, DAP, PKR, PAS and offer your assistance. They don't have the millions the government has to throw money for the elections. So they need all of us to help them.

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Kiiss said…

    This election proves that the Rakyat is still not too blind yet. For the first time, I feel proud to be a voting citizen.

    Nice post. :)


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