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Friday, November 09, 2007

Horses Left To Starve At Ranch Owned By VIP in Sabah

Here is a report from Sabah Times published in July this year on cruelty to horses that took place at a VIP's ranch in Sabah.

The address of the ranch as listed on is MELINGSUNG RANCH or PERSATUAN EKUESTRIAN SABAH, c/o Lot No 1, Harington Road, Mile 1½ Jalan Tuaran, 88100 Kota Kinabalu Tel: 088-225 16 Fax: 088-238 952 Mobile: 019-881 2666 Contact: YBhg Datuk Hj Abd Ghani, owner.

Note the paragraph in bold. I wonder where in the Animal Ordinance 2006, it states that no action can be taken for cruelty against a political figure or VIP in Malaysia. What a strange comment from Department of Veterinary Services Sabah. Why don't they prosecute this person for cruelty or remove the horses? (see Comment)

SABAH TIMES, 9th July, 2007

: Starving horses at a ranch in Kinarut about 30kms from here are casting aspersions on Sabah’s tourism image.

The web blog posting indicated that 70 horses of the ranch owned by a former mayor have “no food, no water, and when they die they are dumped on a public beach” has brought a probe into the matter by authorities here.

In the posting, a British tourist claimed that agencies in Malaysia could do nothing about the alleged cruelty to the horses because the horses was owned by a political figure and had called for a boycott of visiting Malaysia until something was done.

When contacted, a Sabah Veterinary Department source said they were very aware of the situation and that its director Datuk Awang Sahak Awang Salleh had been contacted by national newspapers.

The source said they were investigating the claim after being informed by the veterinary head office in Kuala Lumpur.

The source said that officers from the Veterinary Department found eight of the about 60 odd horses, ponies and cross breeds on the private range were “actually malnourished.”

On a visit to the ranch this week, workers at the ranch prevented journalists from entering saying they were under strict order from the owner not to let anyone in.

The ranch is said to be owned by the former Mayor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Rashid. Efforts to contact him were in vain.

The Weekend Mail also had a story on its July 7-8 edition.

It also quoted deputy director, Dr Amat Kasim as saying that the horses were in a deprived condition due to lack of food.

“Most of them were thin but healthy. Due to financial constraints, the owner told me he couldn’t afford to feed the horses or treat the sick ones,” Amat was quoted as saying.

The horses were used for polo before the club was shut down.

According to our sources, Veterinary Department officers were visiting the ranch on a daily basis.

“Our immediate task was to provide the treatment for the horses as well as give supplementary feed to recondition them,” said the source.

However, he said they had no immediate plans to investigate the owner for alleged cruelty to animals as the owner had claimed that the horses were fed regularly but their conditions did not improve.

“We will look at the aspect of (alleged) cruelty at a later stage,” he said, adding that horses did not usually come under the ambit of the state veterinary department services as most horse owners used private veterinarians.

He said that there would also talk to the private veterinarian treating the horses in the due course of their investigations.


  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Here is an extract from SPCA's Press Release dated July 12, 2007. You can see for yourself, how ridiculous are the actions of a govt body set up to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty:

    "DVS Sabah, has decided to feed these horses whilst still on the property of the owner and under the owner’s care and control. No seizure order has been issued. No recommendation for prosecution under the Animal Act has been mentioned.

    This sets a precedent that the law is worthless if, having committed these offences the person responsible is rewarded with free food to improve the animals’ condition and also gets to profit by the sale of such. This also brings to light a rather grey area of the appropriate use of public funds.

    The SPCA holds that its charter is not to assist further cruelty to animals by feeding animals of owners who starve them, and who still retain ownership. Nor do we recommend or assist in the use of public funds, to feed or otherwise financially augment the coffers’ of owners’ animals, who refuse to provide those animals under their confinement, the basic necessities of life: food and water.

    SPCA wants to assist in anyway possible so long as the horses do not remain under the owner’s control as it is perpetuates a vicious circle for SPCA or for that matter DVS to fund food when the horses will be sold by the owner for the owner's profit to speculatively enable him to purchase new horses and the cycle begins again. DVS Sabah must end this cycle now"

    You can read SPCA's full Press Release here:,017,da48c4.html

  • At 1:14 AM, Blogger Save Animals said…

    My goodness! The horses were owned by a city mayor!? And he has no money to feed them?? Then why get them in the first place only to leave them suffer? I dont believe he has no money...he might as well put them up for adoption to those who are willing to take care of the horses..greedy man he is!


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