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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dr. Dog Malaysia's Launch Featured On Animals Asia Website

It has been only a couple of months since the Dr. Dog Programme was launched in Malaysia by Animals Asia Foundation.

Furry Friends Farm was not only given the honour of running this programme in Malaysia, but Jill Robinson, the Founder of AAF and a true hero for animals in every sense of the word, honoured us with her presence.

Jill Robinson outstanding rescue of the moon bears in China and Vietnam will make you cry. The sanctuaries she has built by tirelessly raising funds all over the world has given countless bears hope. The Dr. Dog programme she launched is transforming China and Hong Kong to stop putting dogs and cats on their menus and treat them as friends.

All her awards actually pale in comparison to her personality. When you meet her, it is her humility and overflowing love that affects us all.

An RSC supporter informed us that an interview with Jill Robinson Her interview is going to be screened on STAR News or CNN this Friday at 7 pm. RSC is unable to confirm this at the moment. If any of you have clearer details, kindly update us at

In the meantime, please go to this link at AAF's website to see what they posted on the launch of Dr. Dog Malaysia.:
We will be holding Dr. Dog examinations sometime this month. So all those who filled up application forms for their dogs, get ready to receive a phone call informing you where and when to bring your dogs over.


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