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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Below is a letter RSC sent to the STAR newspaper which has not as yet been published:


Mardos, the baby elephant, has been put down one day after Christmas according to the article in the STAR entitled Injured Mardos Put Down At Zoo (December 27, 2006).

Christmas is a time to remember God’s Mercy and Love. Finally Mardos can find such Mercy in death which has been evading him all his life among uncaring humans.

The Remembering Sheena Campaign (RSC) thanks the STAR newspaper for informing the public about Mardos fate.

Otherwise The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan), that runs the Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary where Mardos lived, would have quietly put Mardos to sleep without any remorse that they made him suffer in pain for six months.

RSC’s letter to the STAR entitled Baby Mardos Has Suffered Enough (July 11, 2006) expressed shock upon first learning of Mardos injury, especially when it came so soon after the incompetence of Perhilitan’s staff killed another baby elephant, Mat Chepor.

Mardos fractured both his hind legs near the knees when he slipped at the back of a truck while being transported to a school for a “show”. The staff at Kuala Gandah only sought medical treatment after allowing Mardos to suffer in pain for two whole days according to another report in the STAR (Young Jumbo Knocking On Death’s Door, July 8, 2006).

RSC and many other animal welfare groups called for Mardos to be euthanized immediately, but again, for reasons best known only to Perhilitan, they had to force Mardos to endure six months of pain and suffering before they finally euthanized him on December 27, 2006.

Till today, all the disturbing issues raised over Mardos have not been addressed by Perhilitan. These issues are :
1. Why animal transfer protocol in transporting Mardos was not followed.

2. Why did it the staff at Kuala Gandah wait for two days before seeking medical treatment for Mardos?

3. Why are baby elephants taken out for “shows”? Isn’t it enough that they are forced to “entertain” people at this so-called sanctuary? If they are taken on road shows then Kuala Gandah should call itself a circus, not a sanctuary.

4. Why did tourists complain Mardos was skin and bones at the Kuala Gandah sanctuary?

RSC calls on all Malaysians to write to the Press demanding that these questions be answered. Kindly send copies of your letters to international organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute and Wildlife Warriors started by the late Steve Irwin.

RSC is now baffled over why Mardos’ carcass was skinned by Perhilitan.

Due to the astonishing number of cases in Malaysia where animal body parts are sold on the black market it is only right that Perhilitan clarifies why it was necessary to skin Mardos. What other parts of this poor baby was taken and used for what purpose?

Even as this letter is being written there are animals on the endangered species list entertaining the public at popular resorts in Malaysia. How is it possible to blatantly flout international laws under the very nose of Perhilitan? We suppose anything is possible in “Bolehland”.

Rest in peace, Mardos. There will surely be a heavier punishment from God for those who are entrusted to look after animals and neglect to do so.


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