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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Little Girl Appeals To Captain Of Whaling Ship To Stop Killing Whales

Efforts from Greenpeace and other animal welfare groups succeeded in keeping the whales safe from being cruelly hunted for 20 years.

Unfortunately, in 2006, countries famous (or rather infamous) for their commercial whaling activities such as Japan, Norway and Iceland managed to overturn this ban in an international conference by a very small margin of votes in favour of whaling.

Now the high seas are no longer safe once again for these majestic animals.

Below is a video courtesy of Nick Josh Karean from CARE 2 NETWORK. Click to watch. Remember if there is buffering run the entire video till the end. Then click "Play Again". You can then watch without interruption.

It is a video letter from Martina, a lovely little girl asking a ship captain to STOP whaling. Her video letter is to Mr. Toyama, Captain of the Nisshin Maru (NM) Ship. NM is the factory ship of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary that has illegally hunted 945 whales to date (December, 2006).

Whales are not fish but mammals and highly intelligent animals. They travel together in families and form long-lasting bonds with family members especially mother and children.

I personally don't buy any cosmetics from companies that do not have the NO ANIMAL TESTING logo. I know by this at least these companies care enough to ensure animals are not harmed in making their products.

I buy sardines that have the "Dolphin friendly" logo which means they don't use methods of fishing that harm the dolphins.

I say this about cosmetics because there are lipstick and lip glosses made from whale blubber. I buy only BODY SHOP Cosmetics because they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS and BODY SHOP actively participates in projects to protect animals and the environment.

Whale meat is mainly consumed in Japan. Apart from that whale blubber is used for different products such as lipstick, turpentine, varnish, etc. But there is no reason these companies can't use an alternative raw material to make these products.

Gavin Carter an adviser to the International Wildlife Management Consortium says there is almost no market for meat or other products from hunted whales. Reichert, of Pew Charitable Trusts, says the best chance for profits is in tourism activities like whale watching.

"Recent estimates are that it generates over $1 billion a year in revenue. So if you look at this from an economic perspective, this is kind of a no-brainer: whales are worth a lot more to people alive than they are dead," he said.


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