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Friday, December 15, 2006

Taylor's College Students Speak Up For Animals

Here is the Press Release sent out on Taylor College's contribution towards supporting Furry Friends Farm. RSC thanks Toh Jung Wei and his team-mates for their thoughtful gesture in having FFF as the theme of their presentation and also for the love offering.

Furry Friends Farm Touches The Hearts of Taylor’s College Students

Subang Jaya, Wednesday: “Education is not just about earning a living. It is about creating model citizens,” said Toh Jung Wei, a Fall Semester 2006 Speech Class student at Taylor’s University College American Degree Transfer Program (ADP).

As part of Taylor’s commitment to mould exemplary characters, Jung Wei and his four college mates participated in a persuasion skills presentation designed to persuade members of the public to support a newly formed animal shelter called Furry Friends Farm.

Jung Wei and four other college mates, Adrian Christian, Lee Ji Min, Brigette Liberty Yu and Ogaji Tamumo-Emi delivered a convincing address to a room of 30 students and lecturers about the merits of the farm before passing around a donation box to help the farm get started.

Sabrina Yeap, managing partner, was also present as representative of the farm to receive the donation of RM140 collected from the speech class students of Taylor’s College.

“The Furry Friends Farm is unique in that it is not a non-governmental organization or NGO. It was started by an ordinary couple with an extraordinary vision to provide a no-kill shelter for strays and abandoned pets,” said Sabrina.

“This couple rents a 3 acre piece of land and decided to dedicate this land solely for the purpose of caring for stray dogs and cats. The couple are also growing chillies, vegetables and producing their own dog and cat shampoos made from natural products to earn an income that they can channel back into maintaining the animals while they are at the farm.

“We also look for homes for these animals as part of our adoption programme.”

Acting Academic Director of Taylor’s ADP, Mr. Lim Tou Boon said, “This is what Taylor’s ADP is all about. It is not just about exams. We want students to also be aware of global and local issues. Here at ADP, we want to produce students who are not only high achievers academically, but who are also meaningfully engaged in supporting community causes.”

Ogaji Tamumo-Emi of Nigeria who was part of the persuasion skills team presenting made mention of Sheena the German Shepherd cruelly starved to death by her guardian. Her guardian pleaded guilty to keeping Sheena, tied up and starving for most of the seven years of her life. Yet the Malaysian courts set the owner free with only RM100 fine even though the law provided for a custodial sentence.

“Sheena’s story touched all our hearts and when I heard that she was just one of a large number of cases of cruelty in Malaysia, I immediately wanted to do this presentation with my team,” he said.

The Speech Class students were very impressed by Furry Friends Farm’s no-kill policy on strays, how they network with the public to re-home strays through and its corresponding booth at Sri Damas Complex at Sri Hartamas every Saturday.

Furry Friends Farm also networks with the public through its education blog that actively calls for public participation on prevention of cruelty to animals through highlighting cruelty cases, calling on the public to sign Petitions, write letters to the Press and much more.

“When the public participates by doing more than just donating they are creating a caring Malaysian society. Otherwise Furry Friends Farm will just be another place for people to dump their pets or strays they found on the street. This is the fate of many shelters and we don’t want that for Furry Friends Farm. We want to change society from the core in the way they think about and treat animals,” said Sabrina.