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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looking For A Home For Jasper

The same day I returned from the Furry Friends Farm, my brother, Anoo, rescued a cat that was caught on the road divider along the LDP Highway. The cat was terrified at the heavy traffic on both side. My brother stopped his car on the highway so he and his girlfriend could rescue the cat. Needless to say there was much honking but as it was for a good cause, they just apologized and did their best to quickly rescue the cat.

When they managed to get hold of it, they saw that he was bleeding slightly from the nose. They took him to a vet who found one tooth had broken but apart from that his nose seemed fine.

That was a week ago. As the cat's foster mother I named him Jasper. Jasper is perfectly fine now. He is very handsome. He has a deep burgundy fur (an unusual reddish tone) and his eyes are turquoise blue. I thought my Moggie had the most beautiful blue eyes, but Jasper's are pretty unsual too. His are kind of blue green -very unusual.

He was found in the Kelana Jaya part of the LDP. If you think you know who he belongs to or would like to adopt Jasper, please contact 03-5637 4594.


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