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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stop Buying Kentucky Fried Chicken

Today, on Halloween Day, PETA is planning a protest outside Kentucky Fried Chicken Tampa, Florida. Its members dressed as zombies will hand out pamplets educating people on how chickens are tortured at KFC supplier farms.

KFC has been under intense scrutiny since an undercover animal rights activists released videos of the employees of KFC supplier, Pilgrim's Pride at West Virgina USA, torturing chickens for the fun of it. They slammed them against the walls, stomped on the chickens, broke their beaks and squeezed their bodies so hard the birds expelled faeces - all these atrocities were committed on live chickens.

These employees were dismissed but no criminal charges were filed although these actions are a felony in the USA. Pilgirm's Pride was named KFC's Supplier Of The Year In 1997.

Worse, the normal activities at a supplier farm for KFC was not investigated. The normal activities include throwing live chickens into boiling water in defeathering tanks. This is because in the rush to get the job done fast, humane methods are overlooked. KFC provides 850 million chickens a year for public consumption. These chickens are looking less and less like sentient beings that can feel pain and more like objects on a production line.

Reports also state that KFC suppliers inject these chickens with drugs to make them fatter until their legs snap from their excessive weight.

In Germany, German animal investigators reported that the stench of ammonia inside KFC farms was so thick that it would make a person cry within a few minutes.

Some of the birds were so crippled from being bred and drugged for rapid growth that they could hardly move—many simply lay on the ground or at best limped around weakly. Many could not reach their water and died a slow, painful death from dehydration.

The farm’s own records indicated that it was acceptable for about 1 percent of the chickens to die from neglect each day— this amounts to 300 individual animals daily. And that is also only from their record.

Many well-known people have called on the world to stop buying KFC. Among them are actress Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, Reverend Al Sharpton, a distinguished preacher in the US and even the Dalai Lama who won the Noble Peace Prize in 1989 wrote a strong letter to KFC CEO David Novak opposing any move to open an outlet in Tibet. Contrary to popular belief Tibetans are not vegetarians. The Dalai Lama himself stopped eating chicken after witnessing the cruel way chickens are kept and killed.

The legendary sitarist Ravi Shanker and his daughter Anoushka also have called on the world to stop buying KFC. Ravi Shanker wrote:

"It would make a huge difference in the lives of 850 million animals if you would only agree to ask your supplier farms to implement the most basic of changes." He continues, "Until you do, I will be calling on all compassionate people across the world to boycott KFC"

Even in Indian KFC supplier farms, investigation found injured birds crammed into filthy warehouses and they struggled through the corpses of their shedmates in order to reach food and water.

RSC telephoned the Consumer Association of Penang to find out the condition of KFC supplier farms here in Malaysia. An officer said no one had thus far investigated but, generally speaking, wherever there was mass processing of chickens there was bound to be some abuse unless the company took the initiative to prevent this.

RSC doubts very much that even if abuse is found, any complaint made to the Department of Veterinary Services or local council in Malaysia is going to prompt these bodies to investigate.

Therefore we put the burden to prove no abuse takes place at KFC upon KFC itself. In the light of shocking revelations in the media all over the world on what goes on at KFC farms it is only right KFC comes clean by proving to the public that what they are eating are not tortured chickens.

To members of the public who place greater importance on their belly then on the suffering of God's creatures, I can only say, beware you don't catch any disease from the deplorable conditions under which these chickens are kept and treated. Enjoy your Halloween.


  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger Katherine said…

    how do you know ? and everyone knows that to take feathers off a chicken or turkey you put them in hot water and some times to kill the chickens on farms the neck is broken or one wack with a knife and besides the fact their chickens are allreadyu pieced so what are you talking about? Don't you have something better to do>> like get a life. if you dont like their chicken then dont eat it. but what a waist of time and energy to make this site and your people look like a bunch of tweakers. Karen

  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger kerst_kane said…

    yea but you can kill it first you selfish bitch yea im talking to u KAREN ur probably only saying this cus ur fat and cant stop eating chicking huh soo yea millions of people talk about this and want to no and u are the only one that doesnt so shut up

  • At 4:21 AM, Blogger kersti_kaos said…

    okay for one the world has a right to now about this stuff so shut the fuck up KAREN u probably all worried about this cus ur a fat bitch and cant live without chicken huh??? what is it a million to one want to now about this and yea people usaullly kill the chicken before de feathering it u dumb bitch!!!!!!DONT YOU HAVE SOMTHING BETTER TO DO CUS PEOPLE WANTOT HERE ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!and people that are talking about this do have a life were they sread the word so yea unlike selfish bitch oh this is my OPINION ABOUT YOU-ur a dumb bitch that just wants to see animals die dont you????and ur the one looking like a tweeker not caring so fuck u and ur shicken appitaite huh!!!!!!!and thank god they made this sight soo people have a better understanding of wants going on with these animals alike youYOUR CHOICE TO GO ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!not ours
    so FUCK YOU KAREN!!!!!!

  • At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey karen, i feel kinda bad that everyone is ganging up on you...but thats probably because you said some dumb stuff. So ya i'm gonna join them. The fact of the matter is that pain is pain and that it doesn't differ from one living thing to another. Another fact is that there are more humane ways of handling a chicken farm and therefore these people are just greedy bastards. And no i dont think that you feel this way because you're fat or whatever, but lets face it. not eating at kfc wont kill you. Even though I'm a vegetarian, I dont think that everyone should become one. but i think that we all need to at least make compassionate decisions.

    peace out.

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Reese said…

    I don't eat at KFC because fried food is bad for you....but I gotta say, none of this would stop me.

    First, KFC gets the crap for it all, but it's the SUPPLIERS that do it. Why aren't we attacking the suppliers? Who, I am sure, supply to other places than KFC? Because nobody cares about the suppliers. Pilgrim what? HUH? But say KFC and everybody remembers, doesn't matter if they aren't personally doing it. By buying from them, they "condone" it. Condoning is worse than the actual action, I'm sure. (side note, I love how nobody, except for Sarah, has any idea how to write properly. Really shows value in what you have to say)

    I hear that chicken brains are the size of a pea? May not seem important to some, but to me the issue is lost in propaganda. Even notice that not one site on this ever states things in a NON biased way? Everything is meant to play on the emotions and not people's sense. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that "pain is pain". You are telling me that a chicken is as smart as a dog (which is capable of learning and retaining knowledge for many different tricks) and is also able to feel as much as a human, while still having enough brain function for basic instincts as well? All with this pea sized brain? If you told me chickens were as dumb as posts, I might believe this. But it can retain memory as well as a dog too? When sites (not sights) start posting scientific evidence to back up all the claims (sources cited please), then I might consider this topic more. But I'm still more inclined to blame the suppliers, not KFC.

  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Aunty Tham said…

    Well said Sarah,.... and Karen, pls think b4 u write. And yes, many are with no compassion and I hope you are not one of them. To kill any food animal, its better done as fast and painlessly as possible. Its no excuse for these barbarians/lost souls to do what they did...and I think they are all sick up there! They all need psyciatric help somehow coz no normal person can kill in such a way! If they are being taken back to this farms...wonder what they will do next? They need rehabilitation help!
    Even a chick has pea size brain, di anyone notice the color of their blood?? My sis kept a cockeral at home and she made it her pet. To my surprise, it doesn't poop in the house. It goes out to the porch using the catflap at the front door and make the business outside and it sits in a basket specially prepared for it. So I guess birds are starting to develop memory and learning ability huh?!! :-)

  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger Priya said…

    OMGSH! How could you allow this? I can't believe i was actually planning on eating KFC! After i saw the video of them actually throwing the chickens at the wall,and all they're other torture ways, i was so shocked. How could you still want to eat here it's so cruel!!! I am not gonna eat here again until they STOP! For those of you who don't care you should, and if you still don't i hope some giant throws you against a wall and steps on you until you die, then eats you, because thats exactly what we're doing to the chickens and it doesnt make a difference if we're humans or chickens because we're all creatures that God put on earth. If you love KFC so much make your own KFC at home, and BUY CHICKEN AT THE STORE THAT IS NOT TORTURED. Please stop eating here theres recipes online so just make your chicken the right way. It's too sad.

  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Priya said…

    I'm glad that most of the comments on here are against Karen's comment. I'm sorry that everyone is gaining up on you but you could seriously make a difference. Just search kfc recipe on google and THERE WILL BE THE RECIPE ON THERE. Don't buy Tyson though because i heard they're the people that supply KFC. KFC should really stop getting they're chicken from this company and people should not buy Tyson chicken at the store. If we can all do that and think about the chickens we can make a difference. I see why people are saying the world will end, because of so many people being cruel to everyone and everything, if you could just try to think of others there most likely wouldn't be so many problems in the world.

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