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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shark's Fin At Victoria Station

My letter to Victoria Station Restaurant complaining about Sharks Fin Soup on their menu:

Dear Sir,

About a week ago my husband and I went to the Victoria Station at USJ for dinner.

We were horrified when we saw sharks fin soup on the menu.

Finning a shark is a brutal practice: After a shark is caught, its fins are sliced off, and packed away in stacks on the ship or hung to dry on the rigging.

The enormous carcasses, in some instances still alive, are thrown back into the sea and are either eaten by other sharks, or the live ones die by drowning. Sharks can't swim without fins, and can't process oxygen without swimming.

Unlike a crab and its claw, sharks do not regrow fins — nor do they reproduce in fish-like numbers. Most species have an average of one pup a year; some take as long as 15 years to reproduce.

A 2004 survey by The International Union for the Conservation of Nature found 56 endangered species of sharks. Blue, mako and hammerhead sharks are among the most popular for their fins, but rays, skates and other shark-related animals also are taken.

Alarmed at the scientific findings that showed shark populations decreasing, the United States banned shark-finning practices in federal waters of the Atlantic in 2000. In 2002, the Pacific was added.

There's now a push to make the ban worldwide and many conscientious people are already enforcing this "ban" in their own way by refusing to support places that sell shark fins.

In this day and age many companies such as Starbucks Coffee, Body Shop are becoming responsible companies that not only have environmental friendly policies, but are actively spending money to promote the protection of the environment and wildlife.

Richard Branson's Virgin Airlines is the latest to follow this trend. In the aftermath of Steve Irwin's death many others will follow I'm sure.

I'm just sad to see that Victoria Station is not one of them. Hence we cannot give our support to your restaurant for this purpose.


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