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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

RSC's Letter On Barbaric Acts By Council Officers Published In The STAR

The following is a letter RSC sent in to the STAR newspaper (the STAR) in response to Disgusted's letter published in the STAR on Oct 2nd 2006. RSC's letter below was publised by the STAR on Thursday, Oct 5, but was heavily edited. So RSC took the liberty to post the full letter here.


I refer to the letter in The Star entitled Shock School Shooting (Oct 2nd, 2006).

It was written by a 17-year-old student expressing shock and disgust that a quiet, harmless stray dog who sleeps behind their school toilet was mercilessly shot by the officers from the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MPI).

Worse, when the dog began wailing in pain they did not bother to fire another shot to put it out of its misery, but instead, used a meat hook to transport it, while it was still alive!

After the public outcry over the cold-blooded murder of Mr Eng Her Sun’s dogs, you’d expect some action to be taken by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to “educate” local councils on the proper and ethical treatment of all animals.

Some of us even feel these council officers have gone beyond the help education provides and instead, need psychiatric treatment.

It is frightening to note that such apathy is rampant in other governmental bodies set up to deal with animals. We can see this from the poor response to reports of animal abuse by the Department of Veterinary Services to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

They don’t bother doing anything to help animals and when kind, compassionate citizens like Mr Eng takes it upon himself to feed and provide shelter for strays, he is instead punished for his kindness!

I applaud this 17-year-old’s courage to write to the The Star newspaper expressing his disgust and disgust of his fellow students.

I'm only afraid that the majority of children, being impressionable, might not all be as mature as this student who wrote this letter.

I'm afraid the more government officers behave this way behind the legitimate badge of "authority", the future generation might gradually be conditioned to find such acts acceptable.

God have Mercy on us all when that day comes.


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