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Saturday, September 30, 2006

TGV Belum Temengor Screening Makes Its Mark

RSC wishes to thank all of you who supported the TGV screening of the documentary, Temengor – Biodiversity In The Face of Danger, especially the 355 members of the public who attended, some with their children.

Students from various universities, including a group of 30 from The Environmental Law & Awareness Club of University Institute Teknologi Mara (UiTM) came to lend their support.

We thank their lecturer, Norha Abu Hanifah, for inculcating a love for animals and the environment among these outstanding young men and women. They are Malaysia's future and we hope they will pass on this baton of love to others, so that Malaysia will have a society we can all be proud of.

We also thank the celebrities who attended the Premiere Screening, among whom were Formula One racing ace, Alex Yoong, actors Harith Iskandar, Shamser Sidhu, Joanna Bessey and Lina Teoh, among others.

Joanna is doing admirable work with the orang asli or aborigines who call Belum Temengor their home, and whose livelihood is being affected by the logging at their doorstep.

We thank TGV Cinemas for sponsoring free screenings over seven days. You are amazing. Companies like Yeo Hiap Seng, Starbucks Coffee, The Body Shop, PJ Hilton and MPH Bookstore contributed door gifts. Thank you.

We also thank companies that make special efforts, as part of their policy, to protect animals and the environment. We’d like to recognise Starbucks Coffee and The Body Shop as examples of these companies.

Starbucks Coffee plants trees and buys directly from impoverished farmers, effectively cutting out middlemen and huge cartels that exploit them.

In return, these farmers take care of the environment because their "organic" and bird friendly coffee fetches higher prices in world markets.

The Body Shop’s products are free from “animal testing”. Often, people don’t give a thought to the fact that cosmetics are the end products of animal cruelty. The Body Shop does.

Many pure herbal and organic products including Indian Ayurvedic are also free from animal testing. So if you want to help protect nature and fight against animal cruelty, then please do not support companies that are involved in such things.

RSC single-handedly arranged all the publicity for this event, and we would like to thank the Media that provided us the coverage before, during, and after the screening of this documentary. We couldn’t have done it without you.

• REDFM104.9 on the prime time breakfast show.
• Light & Easy prime time breakfast show
• TRAXXFM on the What's Up Session with DJ Jezza
• SURIAFM prime time breakfast show

HOTFM announced the screenings in their morning and evening news bulletins over two days on Sept 12 and 13 while the MIX Breakfast Show put up the announcement on their "on air" community bulletin board.

A journalist from Radiq Radio, an online radio station which is also heard in Indonesia, attended the Premiere Screening and broadcast the event through

The NTV7 Breakfast show and the Quickie team from 8TV also turned up. Thank you too for your support.

The national news agency, Bernama, newspapers such as The Star, The Sun and The New Straits Times, and magazines such as AdsVantage Family Magazine, Anjung Seri, and Singapore’s Asian Geographic also turned up to provide coverage.

The Media will never know how much their support has meant. Previously, when the documentary’s producers approached local television stations to broadcast the documentary, none wanted to do so, even though they offered it for free.

Now after the TGV-Belum Temengor screening and all the publicity, local television stations have approached the producers, seeking to air Temengor – Biodiversity In The Face Of Danger.

All these have been possible because of You. Because You made time to watch the documentary. Please, don’t ever think there is nothing you can do in the fight against animal cruelty or environmental degradation.

By going to watch the documentary at TGV Cinemas and signing the petition to stop the logging at Belum-Temengor, You have made a difference. So chin up, and be proud of yourselves!

Our work has had far reaching consequences. Overseas Media too have picked up on the publicity created in Malaysia, and recently, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation interviewed the producers about the documentary.

Our cry to stop the logging is being heard far and wide. Thank you all.


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