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Friday, July 07, 2006

Take Your Dog To Work

Ok, I think we need some upbeat news for a change after all these depressing stories. I've done my part to send out emails to help those darling Thai, baby elephants and keeping them in my prayers.

So now it's time to post a "happy" story from CBS on a growing trend in America where people are beginning to take their dogs to work.


A Supplier of China and Crystal Keeps Morales High With Pets' Help

At Replacements, a North Carolina china and crystal company, employees can bring their dogs to work with them on a daily basis.

The Early Show resident veterinarian Debbye Turner traveled to Greensboro to find out why the company thinks it's good business to make the dogs feel right at home.

Almost everywhere at the Replacement warehouse — from the front desk to purchasing to customer service and the warehouse — canines and china goes hand-in-hand.

Employees at Replacement are encouraged to bring their pooches with them to work. Between 50 and 75 dogs punch-in on an average day.

Bill Roane says his dog knows when he is at work.

"When I was coming to work, I asked her if she wanted to go to work and she went tearing to the door barking and scratching the door to get in the car to come to work," he said.

The employees of the warehouse say there are many different ways for a pet to help their owner's productivity.

"It takes a lot of stress off of you, because you always have a friend that you can turn to," said pet owner Tammy Kennedy.

Karol Durham said she went to Replacements because she was able to bring her dog to work

The pet-friendly atmosphere at Replacements started with the company's top dog.

"I thought, 'Well, if I bring my dog to work and I know how much it means to me, I feel like there would be other people at work who would feel the same way about bringing their dog to work,'" said Bob Page, founder of Replacements. "So, we started allowing our employees to bring their dogs to work.

"I think it's worked out great. Occasionally, there's been a little accident that needs to be cleaned up."

Page says a little distraction and yapping is worth the improved morale of his employees, which improves their productivity.

The only restriction is that the dogs are not allowed in the break room, where the food is. But Replacements has made sure that the owners are never that far away from their dogs by putting a hitching post just outside the door.

"The dogs don't pay any attention to the china unless there's food in it," said Julie Schindler. "I've broken things sometimes. I'm surprised they let me in the showroom or the warehouse, but [my dog] Weenie's never broken anything."

And there's one other plus to having a four-legged friend around.

"I tease my boss, I tell her you can't fire me because Weenie would be out of work," said Schindler. "She tells me Weenie is the best job protection, because she may not always be happy with me. But she'd never want to fire Weenie."


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