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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Please Write To The Newspapers About This Case

Dear caring people out there

If you are impressed, blessed, thankful by the existence of RSC, please remember that we are just like you, ordinary, members of the public. The reason we cannot stress this enough is to let you know that you too can do something.

If you are having teh tarik with a friend outside work, talk about animals, whether it is a story in the newspapers, story in RSC, your own delightful pets, etc.

Waiting your turn by the photocopying machine? tell someone about Jill Robinson and how one person made a difference to saving bears from a life of endless torture for their bile at harvesting farms (RSC Archive Feb 4, 2006).

And please set aside some time, even if it is just one hour a week to write letters to support the causes we raise on our blog at RSC. It does not matter if don't write well or your English is poor. What is important is for the media to be aware of where the public stands on these issues.

Please read the story that appeared in the NST below and share a little of your precious time to write to the papers TODAY asking for maximum prison sentences for these culprits.

Please write to

NST Editor -
The Star -
Malaysiakini -

New Straits Times
Pangolin traders plead guilty
13 Jun 2006


TANAH MERAH: Two men caught with 137 pangolins last month pleaded guilty to the offence in the magistrate’s court yesterday.

Lorry drivers Azman Che Mat, 35, and Mohd Radzi Mohd Akhir, 48, admitted to three charges of possessing the animals, which are totally protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1976.

On the first charge, they were found to be in possession of 51 adult male pangolins on Jalan Air Lanas, Tanah Merah, at 8.30am on May 28.

The offence carries a maximum jail term of three years, a fine of RM3,000 or both, on conviction.

They were also charged with possessing two juvenile pangolins at the same time, an offence that carries a jail term of up to six years, a RM6,000 fine or both.

The third charge was for possessing 84 female pangolins, also at the same date, time and place. The offence, carries a jail term of 10 years, a fine of RM10,000 or both.

The duo were unrepresented, while the prosecution was led by Wildlife Department prosecuting officer Wan Azali Wan Alwi with magistrate Musyiri Peet presiding.

The two men were caught as they were heading to Thailand to sell the animals, worth RM70,000.

Sentencing has been fixed for July 14.

Please note that today the culprits changed their plea and are claiming trial. July 18 has been fixed for mention.


  • At 12:37 AM, Blogger Louisa Ponnampalam said…

    Oh dear!My heart breaks to see the sight of the pangolin.It looks utterly stressed and in sickly form.

    How greed can drive such inhumane behaviour is appalling!

    Well,I hope that the criminals are put to justice.They should really be fined more than RM3K and RM6K!That is way too lenient.


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