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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rest In Peace, Sweet Naomi

Raihana Souket Ali wrote to RSC with this sad story below. We don't want Naomi's death to be in vain and so we have posted Raihana's story here in memory of her beloved cat, Naomi.

Naomi was born on March 3, 1997. She was a lovely tabby cat and had been with me since the day she was born in my front yard. This year she turned nine and despite her age she was very active and healthy.

My family took a short trip this March 23, and since Naomi had been slightly unwell, we decided to board her at a government clinic - Jabatan Haiwan Bukit Mertajam (JHBM) in Pulau Pinang.

Based on their promises to look after her, we left Naomi in their care, but four days later when my family returned to collect her on March 27, they were informed that she had died.

They dont know when she died, but she was lying in a very small cage, infested with flies and ants. Upon investigation they found out that she had been locked in a cage and had not been fed water or food the entire four days she was there.

JHBM officials refused to take responsibility and shifted blame upon each other, claiming each had thought the other would feed Naomi. But no one did.

My poor cat was sick, with no water and food for four days. She died a very sad and painful death.

It is now three months since her death and I still cannot swallow the way she died, rather than her death itself. It is very painful to think that after all the years I had taken care of her like my own child, she had to die at the hands of uncaring and irresponsible people.

I complained to the officials and their heads. I wrote letters. I sent a letter to Mr Mohd Radzuan bin Malek, Dept of Vetrinary Services,Headquarters, Wisma Tani. Level 2, Podium Block 1A, Lot 4GI, Precient 4, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62630 Putrajaya and I never got a reply. Not even a sorry!

I feel terribly guilty and responsible for leaving Naomi there, but I want her death to be an eye opener for others.

Don’t take your pets to government clinics that operate solely for the money and not because they love animals. My experience has taught me that no pain is greater, save that of regret.

With pain and regret,
Raihana Souket Ali
Bukit Mertajam


  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger sharon said…

    Thanks for highlighting this very sad story. It's nothing unbelievable really, about how irresponsible and how stupid those people can be.

    It's not tolerable. Period.

    I hope some day, when our country reaches a higher level of humanity, these sort of people can be punished for this unmistakable cruelty.

    I'm very sorry about Naomi, Raihana of Bukit Mertajam.

  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Shoba said…


    RSC received a private email from Ireland commenting on this blog and we decided to post it here. Here is the comment:

    "It has absolutely saddened and most definitely disgusted me with the attitude of some Malaysians, "high post" government officials and the Department of Vet. Science when it comes to dealing with animals.

    I'm sorry but are this people STUPID? Honestly, they just need to spend 15 minutes out of their "busy" schedule ...just ONCE, in their lives, to sit down and think about all this, to REALISE that animals have way more of a nervous system than the trees in the Amazon. These animals love,care and laugh..they also however hurt,cry,fear and bleed. You don't even have to like animals to realise that, all they need is to be treated with kindness.

    The case of Naomi really saddened me, what a waste, if i could, i would ask God to get rid of all those stupid staff members that never fed it, and trade it for Naomi's life so that she could continue to grace the life her owner, Raihana. (My heart goes out to you because I understand how you feel.)

    I honestly feel that people who can actually make a difference and enforce a change (i.e "powerful" govt officials and politicians) really don't give two hoots about anything apart from their own interests. (Money, money and claims they can get from the govt,buying their wives Dior handbags and taking govt funded trips to Paris... oh and maybe tax evasion). It really angers me that Malaysians can be so damn selfish, heartless and cruel.

    An animal is just like a child, it shouldn't be hurt, it shouldnt be put in a cage, it shouldnt be tied up for days on end. It should be given love..just like it gives us unconditional love (unlike humans!), it should be well nourished and entertained - just like you would a child. I'm sure it's far easier to discipline an animal compared to a child. You don't have to worry that it's hanging out with 'bad company', getting drunk on weekends, smoking a pack of ciggs a day nor leading a disrespectful life. (Which is what the majority of teenagers and 20-something's today are like!)

    How is it that highly educated individuals just lack the brainpower to see the obvious? Can someone PLEASE explain this to me, i am desperate to find out what goes through people's minds when they read articles of animal abuse.

    'The progress of a nation is seen in how it treats its animals'. "

    Stephanie Arasu

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger disco-very said…

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  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger disco-very said…

    i completely agree with sharon and stephanie's email really hit the nail on the head. I am so very sorry Raihana, you cannot imagine how angered and frustrated I am just thinking that people in my own country lack the competency to do something as simple as providing food and water to another living being. it's absolutely shocking!!!

    Raihana, I would like to help you out with this case. with your thumbs-up, I'd like to create a petition, and also let the press know about it. let's hope that we can garner the publicity and call for action that one single newspaper article did for Lelaki Communis Terakhir!

    I will inform you all of the URL address for the online petition once i get it up.

    Thanks and best wishes to all.


  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger Naomi's said…

    Thank you all for your support for trying to make these people responsible for their actions. Though it will not bring back my darling Naomi to me, I hope that Naomi's death is for a cause- and that cause is to protect all those other animals which are in these clinics now and in future.

    I still dare not think of her last few days, I seriously will lose sanity when I think of her suffering. I went quite crazy when I heard she died and the way she died. I am now trying to find peace by being more active in animal protection. I write to everywhere I can and donate for whatever funds available.

    Sadly people here are still very ignorant to the suffering and feelings of animals. It is even sadder when the very people who are supposed to protect them, abuse these poor creatures.

    Yes Davina, Please create the petition. I want to create as much publicity as possible, so that in future these officials act more responsible. The clinic I went to has other animals in enclosure, like horses, goats, chicken etc. I dont know how well they are cared for now, but creating awareness can guarantee a decent life for them in future.

    And thank you RSC for playing an important role in helping animals.

  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger disco-very said…

    Hi Raihana,

    The petition is up!

    Thanks... let's get this out to as many folks as we can! After getting a significant number of signatures, I'll print it all out and send it to the Department of Veterinary Services as well as the press.

    Here's hoping to making a difference...

    best regards,

  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Dharmaraj said…

    raihana, i am so sorry for your loss. if it was not for my good friend sharon i would not have known about this. i have signed the petition and left a stinging comment! do tell me if there is anything else i can do...take care

  • At 4:58 AM, Blogger mom2ashley said…

    that shows how committed pet government clinic are to their patients...imagine a hospital forgetting to provdie food and water to human patients.....pets shouldnt be treated any different.

  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger Pansys Silvaz said…

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