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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spoke To Resident Manager At D-Paradise

A couple of weeks ago RSC telephoned D-Paradise to personally convey the concerns raised over its treatment of animals. RSC first called and asked for Robert Teasdale, the Resort Director because this is what Ms Tan Choe Choe, NST journalist advised after speaking to D-Paradise's CEO, Lee Wah Chong.

To our surprise we were told Robert Teasdale had left about 4 months ago. Isn't Mr Lee aware of this? In D-Paradise's website, under its testimonial page, Robert Teasdale is still listed as Resort Director.

Please also note that before the phone call we had sent an email to D-Paradise to the email address listed under contact details on its website and our mail bounced back. The reason given was that the other party's mailbox was full. So we presume these people don't even check their mails.

After the fourth attempt at phoning we managed to get the Resident Manager at least to speak to him. RSC had earlier left its blog address with one of the staff. The RM said he had gone into RSC's blog and will take seriously the issues raised.

He did continue to say he found nothing wrong about the petting section where the rabbits are kept provided the petting is supervised. I explained that exposing animals to human handling all day is very stressful. No one likes to be poked and prodded and ogled and squeezed and in D-Paradise's case have its ears pulled. I advised him to please seek a genuine expert's opinion on this.

He said he would print out our blog on D-Paradise and discuss with the CEO on how they can improve.

One marine biologist told RSC that some of the animals there seem to be on the endangered species list of CITES!! And this issue has not even been addressed.

For the well-being of all animals we advise all RSC readers to please refrain from visiting places that do not abide by proper standards in the care of animals. Please be responsible tourists and send out the message that we will not frequent such places. See if they can survive without our business.

This is following the same concept as "When The Buying Stops The Killing Will"


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