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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thai Baby Elephants Need Your Help

Here is an action alert from PETA Hong Kong. Please read below and help by writing to the email addresses they have given. Even one or two paragraphs is enough and will make such a lot of difference to these animals. We could not help Mat Chepor, but we can help some baby elephants in Thailand. Please write. Do it today!

"A two-year fight over Australia taking eight baby elephants from Thailand has reached a make-or-break situation.

Taronga Park Zoo and Melbourne Zoo are now set to see the elephants endure the journey to Australia only to end up as specimens at the zoos. The elephants are believed to be around three years old.

Activists from Bangkok-based Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) fiercely oppose the move and blocked the elephants from leaving Kanchanaburi last month as they were loaded into 10-wheeler trucks to endure the 130 km ride to board a cargo plane in Bangkok bound for Australia. The activists had a sign that read “Stop Exploiting Thai Elephants” and this standoff forced officials to abandon plans to move the elephants.

It is believed that the elephants were captured illegally in the wild and FAE has requested that DNA tests be done to ascertain this – which authorities have refused. The drastic change of habitat will harm the welfare of the elephants.

In Australia, both the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Australian Humane Society have called for the elephants to stay in their homeland. Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has commended the Thai protesters and noted that “Taronga Zoo wants these Thai elephants to boost its profits, not for conservation…Elephants are very difficult to breed in zoos, with no captive breeding program ever being successful in Australasia.”

Please e-mail the Thai Embassy in Australia now and insist that the trade be stopped. Urge them to leave the elephants in the wild where they belong, and use zoos as sanctuaries for animals rescued from circuses, marine parks, and other exploitative forms of entertainment.

Zoos rob elephants of their most basic needs, including social companionship and adequate space to exercise. Zoos keep elephants in unnaturally small groups and routinely shuffle elephants between facilities with callous disregard for the special bonds between elephant friends.

In the wild, elephants maintain strong family bonds — baby elephants are not usually weaned until they are at least 4 years old, and young elephants stay with their mothers for many years to learn important social and survival skills. Females remain with their mothers and other members of their herds for their entire lives.

Zoos operate under the misleading veil of conservation and education when, in reality, these proud and sensitive animals are kept merely as tourist draws to boost sagging profits. Captive breeding will never contribute to the survival of the species because elephants breed poorly in captivity and the offspring who do survive can never be released into the wild.

For more information about zoos, please go to

For all animals,
Rochelle Regodon
PETA Hong Kong.


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