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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Report of Abuse at D-Paradise in Alor Gajah

Dear RSC Supporters

Below is a letter we received from someone complaining about the conditions of D-Paradise in Alor Gajah

"I wonder if you have heard of D- Paradise in Alor Gajah which recently opened 3 to 4 months ago...reputedly to have vast species of plants and trees...So i made a trip there during the chinese new year holidays to have a paradisical experience ....this vast area of forest cleared to plant different types of plants and trees from all over the world.... and to spice up the place ......animals are placed here and there to maks thing lively.

At the entrance i was greeted by a poor monkey chained to a pole under the hot sun.(this i don't understand)..and forest all around it. Just when i thought things can't get worse...came to the rabbits farm where children are allowed to go in and play with the rabbits without a caretaker..thery were swinging the rabbits by the ears and throwing them around and onlooker just having a good laugh.I questioned my guide as to why there isn't a caretaker to prevent abuse to the animals he just laughed and said there is a shortage of staff, and to my horror he said there has been worse cases, where children have pulled the ears off the rabbits.

We passed the ostrich farm -3 pathetic ostriches and one, half the body without feathers and finally to top up my nightmare passed the horse shed , 2 miserable looking horses, one lying down on its side and upon enquiry the guide told me that they are ill...some bone problem and not able to stand...and might shoot them next month...and until then it will be suffering.It was not a pradisical trip but rather a nightmare.

My question is who is checking on the abuse...who do i ask to check this up.

HR/Admin Executive
Lycée Français de Kuala Lumpur
34,Jln 1/38B off Jalan Segambut
51200 Kuala Lumpur

The actions RSC have taken:
1. Called the NST and STAR journalists in Melaka to ask them to please investigate this matter. We also forwarded this mail to them. I have not received any response from the NST correspondent but the STAR correspondent would like the person who had been to D-Paradise to call her personally as she is the one who witnessed the abuse.

2. We wrote to the person who sent us this letter to ask her to call the correspondents giving her their telephone numbers. We have not heard from this person.

The actions you can take:

1. Please let us know if you have been there and seen anything similar and give us your contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

2. If anyone is planning to go there please take photographs of any abuse you witness and let us know about it.

Thank you.


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