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Monday, March 06, 2006

Bird Flu A Result Of Our Disrespect For Natural Laws

Below is a letter that appeared in the Star today, Monday March 6th, 2006. Well done, Dr. Rajeswary! We need more people like you to speak up.


WE need to realise that we are part of an ecosystem where each part depends on another for survival, if not success. There is thus a need for mutual respect between these components.

If we are facing pandemic dangers such as Japanese Encephalitis (JE), SARS or the avian flu, it is because we have not followed the relevant rules.

One just has to see what we are doing to chickens in order to realise this.

First, we breed them in farms, then we give them modified foods to accelerate their growth and mutate their body parts, before they are slaughtered to satisfy our palates. We also make them lay their eggs double fast for us. The list is endless.

Now that they have got a flu (naturally), we dispose of them by the thousands by burying them alive, throwing them in incinerators and suffocating them in plastic bags.

To top it all, these events are proudly broadcast on national TV.

The killing can be done in a kinder manner. Our children are watching. What are we telling them?

Remember, the development of a nation is largely measured by the way in which the people of that nation treat their animals.


Kuala Lumpur.


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