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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Let's Scrap The Zoo and Set Up Animal Sanctuaries Instead

Mita K's letter entitled 'Shocked Over Bear Treatment' was published in the Star newspaper dated Feb 4, 2006 (Please read our blog entry dated Feb 4, 2006).

We have since telephoned the Star newspaper in Johor and spoken to their journalist Marsha Tan who was very supportive and assured us that the Star is already investigating Mita's complaint and have posed questions to the Director and several other senior officials of the Johor zoo. Marsha told us they were waiting for them to reply.

A week ago RSC called again and Marsha told us she will follow up and let RSC know of the outcome.

We will keep you all posted as well. But if you guys can also call Marsha Tan at the Star in Johor it will help as more voices make us a stronger force. This is the telephone number for the Star Johor : (07) 331 5666

For those who still think that zoos are a good place to take your kids to, think again. Please read Kitty McCue's award winning short story at the Writer's Digest at :

Well done, Kitty! We need more soul writers in the world like you.

Shoba Mano


  • At 12:57 AM, Blogger CH said…

    Life in a zoo is not the ideal life for any animal - live specimens on display deprived of a life intended by the Creator. Sanctuary - the word sounds nicer and the meaning is nicer. I have heard of some wonderful sanctuaries in some parts of Africa, in England and USA. Malaysians could not operate one, there`s no expertise, no real love for the animals. The mentality is not there. And there certainly isn`t the money. Any ongoing enterprise is to make money and if it`s a zoo,it will be for the betterment of its inhabitants. The needs of the animals are of primary importance. This would not seem to be the case at zoo negara and I doubt very much if a sanctuary run by Malaysians would be any different.
    I would like to see no more births and no more buying of animals, no more trading. I would like to see a less stressful life for them. And one filled with better food. The animals are stressed out, looking raggedy and undernourished despite nearly 500,000 visitors per year. When I asked why some animals are behind so much metal that they can hardly be seen. The response was "we cannot stop people feeding them." So there it is, the mentality of the management and the mentality of the public.
    Zoos are supposed to play a big part in the preservation of wildlife, but this is not the message I`m getting from zoo negara. Would a sanctuary be any different? What other self promoting regime would come into being? Look at the very sad plight of the baby elephant in Perak. Many of the people working with animals, caring for them etc., are nothing more than parasites preying on the blood of the animals. And I say shame on them before God.
    In the seventies when I was a volunteer I `brought up` three civet cats. I had a big, fenced- in space made for them. Five or six months later they were handed back to the zoo and within 3 weeks they were dead.
    May be the management read a few DIY books before they opened shop but I think they are in the wrong business. The poor animals. My heart cries out for them. Some zoos must be in a better shape and yet we must know there are many wildlife suffering even more.

    Keep writing.


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