Remembering Sheena

Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Remember The Rally!

Just a few updates on the rally (plus one misc point!):

(1) If you are coming in a group, do bring along a placard or sign which indicates where you're from/who you are! Or any other method of identifying you as a group. It'd be great to see organisational support to change the laws to protect domestic animals!

(2) If you have collected reams and reams of signatures (well, more than 300, for example), do come up to us so we might get you a spot on TV! Yes, we might even have a live feed! We will be wearing white t-shirts and wearing a "Remembering Sheena" tag.

(3) Do email us your contact details should you wish to be updated on Remembering Sheena via email. It'd be good if you could include your full name and cell phone number if you prefer text updates (we promise we won't sell your numbers off!).

See you on the 21st January 4pm @ the SPCA KL/Sel!


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